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IMQ provides an accelerated ageing test service for electronic products, using the latest innovative test procedures to improve product reliability. 0000004131 00000 n 257 0 obj <> endobj
0000001176 00000 n It can be seen that it is very necessary to conduct accelerated aging tests on electronic components. Thanks to its expertise and infinite customization solutions provided, we can offer products for all fields of application mentioned above, so also for any accelerated aging test of materials. Equally, the failure can be accelerated, leading to the ability to reduce testing time but still demonstrate the service failure mechanism. 125°C for 168 hours) and 'environmental stress screening' (e.g. 0000003812 00000 n The test techniques are based on simulating conditions that exceed normal operating conditions by a considerable margin. Write directly to the FDM Team via Chat!An operator will answer you in real time. Temperature cycle test: In addition to the temperature cycle for the optoelectronic components as an environmental stress test, the temperature cycle can also accelerate the aging of the tube electronic components. The test techniques are based on simulating conditions that exceed normal operating conditions by a considerable margin.

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0000032433 00000 n 2 advanced-energy.com ACCELERATED LIFE TEST – PRINCIPLES AND APPLICATIONS IN POER SOLUTIONS Methods for Acceleration and Test Design All Advanced Energy product lines are comprised of many parts, of different In this reliability aging study, Sn3.5AgO.7Cu solder joints were subjected to accelerated temperature cycling (ATC) test in TBGA assembly. There are different types of accelerated aging tests that can be performed: for example, the effects of sun, rain and dew. Let us mention some of the most important ones (e.g accelerated aging tests for electronics) with the related products/areas of application: Standards lead the way for how to carry out the specific type of test, though they do not always make sure that the product in question actually passes all real tests.
PI/CF 05011521001.


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