Purportedly In opium dens customers would bang a gong when they wanted more, Referencing again addiction to drugs.

Get it on, bang the gong , get it on But "Bang the gong" usually means snorting a line of Cocaine. Look at his associations and the culture at the time and place of the writing of the song. Get it on, bang the gong, get it on. She’s sleek, shiny and built for speed. Referencing addiction to dangerous drugs. Mercedes, top of the line. After falling from fame a few years after this came out, lead singer Marc Bolan developed a debilitating cocaine and alcohol habit, but that's not what killed him: He died on September 16, 1977 when a Mini driven by his girlfriend, the singer Gloria Jones, crashed into a tree. The "Mum-mum-mum-ma" hook on lady Gaga's "Poker Face" was sampled from Boney M's 1977 hit "Ma Baker.". Chorus: Get a Bang a Gong … The band's American record company, Reprise, dragged their feet on the song and didn't release it until January 1972. This song was one of their biggest hits, and probably their only hit in the States: Marc Bolan’s wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt in this video! "Sloop John B" is a traditional West Indian folk song, and it was a huge hit for The Beach Boys in 1966. But "Bang the gong" usually means snorting a line of Cocaine. My girl doesn't like it if I bang a gong too much, 'cause it makes her walk funny. In the UK, they had two more #1s - ", This song is titled "Get It On" in the UK, but in America, there was a minor hit with that title by a group called Chase in 1971, so the title was changed to the less suggestive "Bang A Gong (Get It On).". … Meanwhile I was thinkin’ Top quality. T-Rex were a British glam rock band from the mid-70s, fronted by Marc Bolan. Happy December! The consumption is “Banging“, “Gong” is the substance.

C’mon queenie let’s shake it.

BANG A GONG: To bang the, or to bang a, gong, may reference smoking opium, shooting heroin, snorting coke or any other form of consuming any drug. That was Jay Dubin, and he has a lot to say on the subject. Here’s the first two verses (with chorus): Well you’re dirty and sweet, clad in black Keep in mind that the lyrics may be personal, nonsensical, have hidden meanings that would be known privately or culturally, or the words changed to avoid censorship or avoid offense. When light shines of the shiny car…A hub cap diamond star halo. 20th Century Boy Lyrics; Cosmic Dancer Lyrics; Children Of The Revolution Lyrics; Jeepster Lyrics; Metal Guru Lyrics ; SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Can you name Def Leppard's only #1 hit in America? Ten hours after the time that first player turns in .” also: Damn, I love this song.

Martyn talks about producing Tina Turner, some Heaven 17 hits, and his work with the British Electric Foundation.


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