No knife has ever combined such a lightweight package with excellent ergos and premium blade steel. I am an avid outdoorsman, hunter, and prepper. There are a lot of situations where a knife would be a great helper. Follow us on Instagram, WAS IN AUTO CRASH SEAT BELT WOLD NOT OPEN SO I HAD KNIFE IN CAR USED IT TO CUT MY SELF LOOSE SO NOW I CARRY ONE TO MY LIKING SO USE YOU OWN JUDGEMENT ON WHAT TO CARRY. One very polarizing subject that continues to come up in the news and in daily normal conversation is the right to bear arms. (Pretty dangerous), Starting a computer by shorting power pins on the motherboard., Lighter/Matches (It’s common for those who smoke, but not for others). If grabbing a great knife on a tight budget is your priority, the Kershaw Injection is one of the best EDC knives out there. has an affiliate relationship with some offers on this page & is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Overall this is a solid option for a knife to have with you for every day. A great example is a stun gun or pepper spray. Don’t let the good price fool you.

The Spyderco Manix 2 uses Spyderco’s patented ball bearing lock, which provides a strong and secure opener without your finger ever getting near the blade. There are many different materials that blades are made out of or have coatings on them. The entire knife is 7.87 inches long while the blade itself is 3.40 inches, and yet, it manages to weigh no more than 2.9 ounces.. Still in that information gathering phase? Others as homemade toothpicks! Benchmade is a respected manufacturer of high quality, dependable pocket knives based in Oregon, USA. Other brands like Gerber haven’t been around as long but are starting to gain a good reputation as well. The handle also has a reversible clip designed for deep pocket carry. This knife is a good size with a handle of 4.25″ and an overall length of 7.00″. Some people use it to clean their fingernails! This serrated edge is very useful for sawing off tiny branches when you need firewood for kindling. There are usually three sides to a good knife. Most people will be very happy with their first folding knife – no matter what brand or kind will it be. The Mini Griptillian has a 2.91″ 154CM stainless steel blade that is .1″ thick. Length/size/weight– One thing that helps identify a knife and an EDC knife is its compact design and its short size. Check out the Week One Wednesday videos below where Kurt and Zac discuss the best small and large knives for everyday carry! A large and ergonomic finger choil provides the perfect grip. It seems that the knife industry is mostly guy oriented. 1. This knife is 7.125″ overall, 4.25″ closed and has a 2.875″ VG-10 steel flat ground blade. This EDC knife is of premium material, from the tip of its blade to the butt of its handle. Well, it’s up to you how you will use it. What is worse than a knife slipping out of your hand every time you try to use it? Blade Material-Knowing the type of metal that your knife is made of is very important and crucial for the longevity of your knife. And it might be illegal in your state. It’s hard to realize for people who do not use one, how handy such a tool can be. Features– Typically EDC knives are pretty plain but they do have some features worth talking about. Check out our comprehensive Bugout Review to see what makes it so great. If you’re sick and tired of opening boxes with your keys, desperately need an upgrade, or just have some cash burning a hole in your pocket, we’ve got all the best EDC knives from brands like Spyderco, Benchmade, Kershaw, and more! There are so many reasons for carrying a knife that it makes sense to have one on you at all times. An EDC (EveryDay Carry) knife is the most comprehensive and most useful tool for everyday use.. It’s commonly used for various operations such as opening envelopes, boxes, unscrewing screws, cutting zip ties, food and all kind of stuff and also as a self-defense weapon. I use my knife frequently and I don’t believe that I would be as productive without it. For more on this knife, check out our Launch 4 review. Brands/Quality/Price– In the knife industry there are some brands who have been around for a long time and have established a solid reputation like Benchmade and Buck Knives. The blade also features the patented Tri-Ad lock for increased confidence and stability in whatever situation you find yourself. Blades are commonly made of either a high carbon steel or stainless steel. Okay, now here’s the thing that many people would like conservatives to know: Although both guns and knives can be used for defense, guns are primarily used as an instrument for killing while a knife is primarily a tool for cutting. A lot of people think its a good idea to carry a knife at all times to help prepare for any type of situation they may encounter. With the Benchmade lifetime warranty and LifeSharp service, your Mini Griptillian will always be a reliable EDC knife. Are you interested in picking up a new EDC (everyday carry) knife? Still unsure of the best EDC knife for you? Hard to believe it’s real, to be honest. The 3.5″ blade is made from American CTS XHP Alloy steel and is DLC (diamond like) coated to help prevent corrosion and provide added durability. It is my firm belief that a gentleman should always carry a knife (ladies, too, of course). As far as I know, this is the perfect EDC knife. "I work at a retail store where opening boxes, cutting zip-ties, and other general knife tasks are a common occurrence. Share your most common use of these knives with others in the discussion! Spanish Cudeman MT series, very, very good quality knives in folding and survival. Ontario 7500 Blackbird... Small EDC knives can be as useful as bigger ones. Blade HQ uses cookies to provide you a better user EDC knives are small and compact allowing for quick access and convenient carrying. This knife is a great option for EDC. Yes, we need them every day. Most of the knives we reviewed have a pocket clip feature which allows for tip up or tip down carry. Written by Blade HQ Staff Writers Andrew Hamilton and Logan Rainey on 11/18/2019. The reason for this is because stainless steel is pretty strong and is easy to clean. One that will slip out of your hand in a life-threatening situation. “This is my EDC knife. Typically the overall length of an EDC knife is between 5″ and 8.5″ on the high end. On the other hand, the bigger and heavier knife might be a more comfortable and better fit for your palm. The knife has to meet certain criteria to be suitable as an Everyday-Carry item. New for 2019, the Blade HQ exclusive Jesper Voxnaes designed Boker Kompakt is a push-button auto with great looks and awesome feel. These knives are made of great quality but because of the beauty they possess, they usually get relegated to just being showpieces and don’t get to see a lot of action — which is definitely not the reason why you got it as an EDC item in the first place. An EDC (EveryDay Carry) knife is the most comprehensive and most useful tool for everyday use. This blade is CPM154 steel with a DLC coating to protect the blade and provides the dark finish. The Gerber Razorfish is a solid, budget-friendly compact knife with a sleek design. The knife is coated with gray titanium-nitrade and the blade comes in a Wharncliffe style. Who would like to carry a heavy uncomfortable piece of metal with him every day? “Wonderful pocket auto. Click here for the lowest price on Amazon. Its range of use is huge, from opening cans, boxes to self-defense. What if your employer calls you and your mobile phone is at home?

The handle is made of durable anodized aluminum and features a reversible clip for ambidextrous use. They also differ with the locking mechanisms. It is a manual folder and smoothly opens with a flipper, with a liner lock keeping it securely into place. When open, the ball bearing is securely wedged into the blade, providing confidence when in use.

What do people use everyday carry knife for? The ZT 0450 shines as an absolutely undeniable value proposition. Take this into account when buying one. First and the most important question is – what kind of knife are you looking for? Some would also suggest a switchblade since the blade retracts into the hilt. The small blade packs a punch. For more on this knife, check out our Launch 4 review. After roughly a month of carrying this knife as an EDC, I can say it's the best small knife I've had. The ball bearing lock works by utilizing a hardened steel ball bearing inside of a polymer cage. The first, obviously, is the bladed edge which should be sharp enough to cut through anything with minimal to no effort. EDC knives come in different shapes, colors, qualities, and materials. Carbon steel knives are usually high above stainless knives in all aspects... Best hunting knives: The standar…

You can go both ways with this. Information about blade material is important, but reading the real user feedback is priceless. But of course, a beautiful-looking tool in your hands wouldn’t hurt as long as it’s more useful than beautiful! There is plenty of materials that are strong, robust and lightweight at once.


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