It is a good idea to do a skin patch test by applying the oil to a small patch of skin, waiting 24 hours, and observing for an allergic reaction before using it all over the body. All juniper species grow berries, but some are considered too bitter to eat. Juniper berries have also been used as a flavoring for foods that were pickled, and as a popular flavoring for food and alcoholic beverages.

Other juniper-flavored alcoholic beverages include the Finnish rye-and-juniper beer made from the juniper berries and branches. Whole or crushed, juniper berries add a lot of flavor. There are over 45 different types of juniper. 2008;115(1):110-5. doi:10.1016/j.jep.2007.09.012, Komori T, Matsumoto T, Yamamoto, M, Motomura E, Okazaki Y. • Use crushed and dried berries in stews, soups, stuffing and pickled foods. Volatile Oils – it also contains a substantial amount of volatile oil. is there anything you could tell me to help me out with ESR Failure. It looks like a small green berry and ends up turning a bluish-black shade in the second year of growth. Privacy Policy The juniper berries extract has an antioxidant activity.

if you're pregnant (your two kidneys work for two). But don’t let this alarm you unnecessarily.

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It is a coniferous tree, which belongs to the family of Cupressaceae. Effects of garlic and juniper berry essential oils on ruminal fermentation and on the site and extent of digestion in lactating cows. Some of the traditional recipes that can be cooked with the help of juniper berries are: Juniper berries are effectively used to cook delicious venison recipes. It flavors the various meat and veal dishes. Juniper berries are what gives a gin martini its unique flavoring.

If you have a blood sugar meter you could give it a try: 2014;155(1):841-6. doi:10.1016/j.jep.2014.06.045, Yarnell E. Juniper is not nephrotoxic. Sorry, I don't know if the berries of other junipers would work as well. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) juniper berries have been used for centuries as a stimulant for the kidneys and bladder to flush out impurities and toxins. Native Americans used juniper berries as a medicine to treat sore throats, colds, pain, fever, headaches, joint inflammation, dizziness, kidney stones, as well as to flavor wild game, cakes and breads. There are very few documented side effects on record from juniper berries (other than allergic symptoms) which include: If allergic symptoms occur after the use of juniper berries, it’s important to seek medical care before continuing use. Fernandez A, Cock E. The therapeutic properties of Juniperus communis L.: Antioxidant capacity, bacterial growth inhibition, anticancer activity and toxicity.


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