But other than one being small and round and the other one being larger and coming in long wedges, what's the difference in taste? 4557, South Fremantle You may find brie cheese becomes too runny when exposed to extreme heat, so it tends not to work as well on pizzas. Contrairement à ce que plusieurs croient, tous les fromages à pâtes molles ne sont pas des bries ou des camemberts.

Camembert is sometimes baked and served with cranberry sauce, and both cheeses are regularly eaten with crackers, a baguette and a glass of wine. You wouldn't get a wedge of camembert because the wheel is too small. If you're not a trade customer, you can register as one and shop instantly: Simply follow the links below to reset your password. You might be surprised how much flavour can come from a combination of a few simple ingredients. Brie is milder with a creamier or buttery flavour profile and salty finish, while camembert has a more earthy, intense umami flavour that can often come across as being funky or pungent. Brie, on the other hand is made to be consumed immediately and is the perfect complement to fresh apples, pears, honey and walnuts.

The two popular cheeses are both made with cow’s milk from northern France, have a similar method of production and hold that all-too-familiar gooey centre encased in a snow-white, mild rind. New South Wales Brie and camembert represent total decadence. Remove it from the fridge at least half an hour before serving and accompany with bread, crackers and preserves. Traditionally, Camembert is sold as a whole wheel, while Brie may be sold as a single slice. Cream is added to brie during the production, so it has a much higher fat content, resulting in a much creamier finish. 3073, Slade Point What’s the difference between camembert and brie cheese? With similar colours, textures and flavour profiles, it’s not difficult to understand why.

Quentin Beare, hospitality teacher for Commercial Cookery at Victoria’s South West Tafe says “its lower fat content makes it a good option for lighter meals like salads and vegetables soups.” Camembert has a rounded and tangy aftertaste with a pleasant and soft finish. So, the winner of the brie vs camembert argument? Who doesn’t love a creamy potato gratin as a side dish for oven-roasted lamb shoulder or spatchcock? New South Wales

In addition, ‘lactic starters’ (substances that help in the fermentation process) are added to Camembert’s cheese mould five times but only once for Brie. news, industry highlight & specials - subscribe now! 2640, Tingalpa If it’s too young, it will be very firm to the touch. It is known for its whitish-grey colour, creamy consistency and salty umami flavour. Both brie and camembert are both cow’s milk cheese but their manufacturing processes differ. "As a teacher, I've used and taught recipes for students that use both brie and camembert in the same recipe,” Quentin explains. Queensland In fact, French law states that a double-cream cheese must contain 60-70% butterfat which equates to about 30%+ fat in the finished product. To cut through all that fat, both cheeses pair well with a sharp or sweet taste such as grapes or figs. South Australia Brie was first produced in the eighth century, making it around 1,000 years older than camembert. According to calorieking.com.au, brie contains 30.5g fat and 18.5g protein per 100g. 2565, Tamworth Victoria But other than one being small and round and the other one being In the Brie region of France, the locals are said to dip Brie Noir (a type of longer-ripened brie) in to their morning cafe au lait. Brie has a mild buttery flavour and aroma and Camembert carries more intense, earthy notes (e.g. New South Wales It’s the question a lot of customers ask when ordering their share platter. 2340, Wagga Wagga 6162, Ingleburn Because camembert will always come in a small wheel with a diameter of roughly 8-10 centimetres. ACT New South Wales Want to know more about our selection of brie and camembert cheese and which one to select for your meal options? Yes! “Probably the catalyst in the resulting flavours of both brie and camembert is that brie is aged, giving it maturity of flavour,” Quentin explains. Brie’s creaminess is most evident in their triple-cream versions, which are perhaps the most decadent cheese options available. However, these differences are subtle and both cheese can be described as tasting nutty, grassy, eggy or fruity. You’re not alone, especially since there are so many varieties – both local and international – on offer. Compare Camembert to Brie by vitamins and minerals using the only readable nutrition comparison tool. Ever walked through the cheese aisle of the supermarket and felt totally overwhelmed? Named after the region from which it originates – the Brie region of Ile-de-France - it was first created about three hours east of Normandy, where its famous cousin camembert came from. Camembert vs brie Take a look at the pic above. Please select here to find all our stores, Dry Creek Brie originates from the Île de France while camembert comes from Normandy. And no, we’re not talking about eight different spreads, a bun the size of a football and a tub of mayonnaise. Sorry, no Branches found.

It’s soothing, gentle and has a slight nutty flavour profile, with a creamy and smooth finish. Just like in the pic above. Their roots came from the provinces of Brie and Normandy Les deux sont des fromages à croûte fleurie et le format du camembert …

Traditionally, brie was produced in large wheels, either 22.9 cm (9 in) or 36.8 cm (14.5 in) in diameter, [11] and thus ripened more slowly than the smaller camembert cheeses. Brie de Meaux Le Pic vs Camembert Le Pic Les mots brie et camembert englobent plus d’une centaine de fromages. Similarly, to camembert, at peak ripeness brie oozes a pale-yellow cheese once it’s cut into. So, here is what you need to know about camembert and brie and where they work best on your venues menus. Login See that small-ish wheel of cheese in the pic above? Double and triple brie are even more buttery.

In recent years, it’s been experimented by chefs around the world by baking it whole and often serving it with fresh bread, honey and toasted cashews. Cheesy potato gratin is a thing of real beauty; if you’re offering it on the menu, go the full mile. This is what gives Camembert it’s stronger flavour. New South Wales Speak to someone from Superior Food Services; we provide a multitude of different cheese varieties to suit any and every meal idea. Because of its lower fat content, camembert holds its shape well when topped on a pizza base. Brie is much larger and measures between 9 and 17 inches in diameter, weighing up to 3kg. With origins dating back to 1877 in Normandy, France, this sweet, earthy, buttery cheese makes it a great all-rounder for either baked dishes or as a much-loved accompaniment on cheese platters or even on-top of pizzas. Well-known for its snow-white, thin greyish rind, camembert is a surface-ripened cheese with lots of character. Congrats, you're becoming a cheese expert! Brie can be very earthy and fungal in taste whereas camembert can have a more cauliflower or cabbage flavour to it. Camembert cheese was originally founded in the 18th century and takes its name from the village in Normandy, France, where it was first made. 5094, Albury “By doing this, the students are able to identify the results of both dishes and they're always amazed at the different flavours each cheese produces.”. Camembert starts off very firm but as the penicillium works its magic over time, the inside of the cheese tends to break down and become oozy. Can you tell which is brie and which is camembert?

As a result of brie’s higher cream content, it has a milder yellow centre, while camembert has a deeper yellow centre. barnyard and mushroom). Camembert vs brie: what is the difference? Aside from the never-fail cheese platter and antipasto board, your options are endless when it comes to new and unique ways of introducing camembert and brie on your menu.

Brie gets its name from the Brie region in Northern France where it was first made. As a cheese variant, it’s believed brie has been around a lot longer than camembert, which was only really recorded as having been produced in 1877. Hannah Hempenstall is a writer, life coach and meditation facilitator based in Byron Bay. 4173, Fyshwick Both brie and camembert are soft, creamy cheeses with an edible white rind, but you can tell a brie from a camembert because brie will be larger (unless it's a baby brie or petit brie in which case, you'll have to check the label). Yes! But most brie comes in a large-ish wheel and you'll often see it sold in wedges. Can you tell which is brie and which is camembert? Camembert works really well in baked dishes. If you're a cheese connoisseur you'll know, but for the rest of us, there are a fews ways you can spot the difference at a quick glance. What is the difference between Brie and Camembert? Source some crunchy baguettes, slice and place thin wedges of brie or camembert evenly across the length and pair with some good quality pancetta or prosciutto. What’s the difference between camembert and brie cheese?

Another alternative is to apply fresh brie or camembert to the top of the pizza once it comes out of the oven. Camembert was first made in the 1800s near the coast of Normandy. Find out what is happening within the Australian fresh produce market now. Quentin says “it’s the classic cheese of opulence; rich and fatty and perfect for tarts, in pasta sauces or simply paired with a lush, acidic chardonnay.” It’s believed this creamy cow’s milk cheese was first enjoyed as early as the eighth century. Please enter your suburb or postcode to find the best branch for your delivery. QLD 2650.

You can distinguish a camembert from a brie by its size. How? 4740, South Oakleigh We’re talking chargrilled figs, fresh baby cos lettuce, toasted pine nuts and ripened pears. Compare Brie to Camembert by vitamins and minerals using the only readable nutrition comparison tool. Cream is added to the curd of brie which gives it a milder, lighter and more buttery finish. Lottie Dalziel, is a 4AM riser and coffee-addict who lives and breathes all things food.

Congrats, you're becoming a cheese expert! Unable to subscribe to the mailing list, please try again later. Brie originated from an area of the same name in the South East of Paris, back in the 8th century.

Simply follow the links below to sign up! Camembert vs Brie - In-Depth Nutrition Comparison. VIC 2609, Warnervale Please note that individual prices may vary depending on the branch and location selected. Camembert is just 5 inches across, 250 grams and can also be very runny when ripe. Until you make a conscious effort to compare the two side by side, the difference in size between brie and camembert is not something you’ll notice straight away.


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