When tasting different flavors, you shouldn’t have to order a large quantity of the product you do not know. The second reason is overcooking. Do not coat too many pieces of meat right away and avoid putting too many pieces in a fryer at once. The Holly Powder starter kit is just one bag of the breading mix and a marinade. If the frying temperature is correct and the chicken still comes out too greasy, it is mostly because of a large amount of chicken in the frying machine.

Not only can you order a small quantity of the product to test it, but the shipping cost is also on us! Pay attention to the amount of water that is used for the marinade. As a fried chicken breading supplier, we have the necessary know-how to offer our tested procedures and valid business tools. This makes it a very efficient and comfortable solution for any kitchen. In order to make juicy and tasty chicken, you will also need: The marinade is an excellent composition of spices that you mix with water and apply to the meat. Marinating is a very important step.

To achieve the goal we used chili extract in the marinade, not just ground chili.

This breading provides a light, delicate coating which compliments the flavor of the food.

= Would you like to save up to 30% on your custom breading costs? The level of spiciness was tested over a period of many months with trusted customers. Entrusting your new product or recipe replication order with us means turning to a respected ‘industry heavyweight’ offering expertise; innovation; flexibility; and, equally importantly, rock-solid reliability.

There is a lot of content available for you to use in social media outlets or your website.

The ingredient of our HOLLY POWDER breading is a unique recipe that ensures the breading to stick to the meat and is easy to prepare.

The final dish comes out crunchy; the breading is not hard, stiff or rubbery. When coating wings (unlike the strips), we skip the first water step that is we put the marinated meat straight from the marinade into the coating mix.

Remember that the meat should be massaged thoroughly. The breading might get too dark after frying. …Myriad of large and small businesses everywhere already do! As a chicken marinade producer, we have created two kinds of marinades: Ensure the chicken pieces have the correct size.

Everything is great, fresh, and crunchy.

You can use our products to prepare crispy strips, hot wings, chicken burgers and salads topped with flaky, crispy chicken, coated with our mix. The marinating and breading processes are easy to remember.

Now you know how to eliminate any mistake that you might make when working with the Holly Powder chicken breading. It is a different kind of chicken coating that makes it possible for restaurateurs to make fried chicken dishes easily.

Breaded chicken should be fried for about 3.5 minutes.

The meat comes out juicy, soft and it tears wonderfully with every bite. Which breading to go with, hot or mild? We work with customers of all sizes, including chain and franchise customers.

We’re your prepared chicken experts.

For over 65 years, our family recipes have been handed down from generation to generation to create amazing coating systems. How to avoid them? It is essential to store the fired chicken properly after cooking. One bag will bread 50 – 80 chickens. The breading must be pressed into the meat according to our CPT (collect, press, toss) method. How about the chicken inside the breading? Would you like to learn more about our company? We distribute to the United States and Internationally.

Remember to never break the temperature discipline. It is possible that the meat was being tossed too much or from a certain height.

If you are interested in any of our products or services, please contact us to get started or to discuss your needs. We have just one type of crispy breading, regardless of the fried chicken dish to be served. You only pay for the kit. Colonel Jim’s Breading, Co. | Manufacturers of Chicken & Fish Breading Custom Breading & Blends We are a manufacturer and distributor of high quality chicken and fish breading as well as custom blends, specialty blends and more!


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