To get started: Whoever is hosting the game will choose their platform (PC, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4, et cetera) and buy the corresponding version here. Quick and Easy Online Guide on Codenames Board Game Rules.


Codenames Board Game Review, Rules & Instructions.

GAME REVIEWS. Two covert operatives are on a secret mission in a crowded city. Read through the official Codenames game rules and instructions here. Replay Value 8.5/10. Codenames $19.99. ADVERTISE. PLAY IN THE APP. We've developed a browser version of Codenames, Codenames Online, that's easy to setup and fast to play – all you need to do is invite your friends. Met Expectations 9.5/10.

First published in 2015 ‘Codenames Board game’ is an easy to play word based game which is based on two teams competing against each other to find agents.

Codenames Duet Game Rules. Codenames: Duet is a cooperative word game for two or more players.

Play on your computer, tablet, or mobile device! CONTACT US. Communicating in coded messages, they sneak past enemy assassins in an attempt to complete their mission before time runs out.

To get started: Each game here is totally unique, and they range from pretty simple and quick to start to a bit more involved. Rules PDF. Codewords enables you to play a fun team word game online from anywhere with anyone! Home » Party » Codenames Board Game Review, Rules & Instructions. I’m not talking about online Scrabble or other video game equivalents here. GAME GIVEAWAYS. 2 - 8.

When board games are your Friday night out! I cover the essential instructions and gameplay to get your game started quickly. Codenames Game Rules / How To Play / Instructions. … Now you have no excuse to skip your regular board gaming sessions and no need to leave the comforts of your home – your gaming buddies can come to you :) PLAY NOW! Find a game... (Advanced Search) BOARD GAMES PARTY GAMES DICE/CARD GAMES CHILDREN'S GAMES. I use visual mind maps to teach you the essential Codenames Board Game Rules, making it easy for you to learn how to play.

Online rules means directions go with you anywhere you do. Each knows 9 secret agents that the other must contact. Engaged Players 10.0/10. And it saves table space too!


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