Current Price $1.98 $ 1. That means this Great Value Caffeine water is acidic. Cleaning agent.

Application Method See Technical Data Sheet. Free pickup today.

Cleaning agent. When we tested Great Value alkaline water, we found out that the TDS level in the water was 45 ppm.

Not a significant source of trans fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, total sugars, added sugars, vitamin D, calcium, iron, and potassium. For a report on bottled water quality  and information please call 1-877-505-2267, TestAqua © All Rights Reserved - 2019 TestAqua Youtube, Great Value Hydrate Alkaline Water 1L. stream Product Name Great Value Glass Cleaner Other means of identification Product UPC 78742-04960 Product Code 15403065644 Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use Recommended Use Consumer use. That means Great Value purified water is acidic. endstream endobj 46 0 obj <>stream

Average Rating: (4.6) out of 5 stars 27 ratings, based on 27 reviews. E.g. RN{��6K.7؏������K*t>qP�o�8� ���3S��p� �1+���|�4�ܻ� )���0�袯��3�FoZ|���9i���׎�ָ���Osx�V�>���ܽ���2S��C�"7ݩ�n��T�p�A@���yQAct��c�`� (ƀ#�������g��l`��t�P���Z��dZ�k�\��P��k��ŧi�ݡ�Ȫ?������[�eX��T8y��_�/�#��'Pۿ �t���������X�W�fGm@��E��|��>�����=��� g�s��RWLX �۸o�B�a�W��GH��KC/9�(E��e��]���c���K �&U� �� ���,l�e�����ϗ�'�(ԁ����Qy� �M"�q�[���_�P�@�r��/[�*�6���&m����F�Ud)��/���s�u%������}���qsr62�2` ��g�S�g�B���HE�x�#�21�7�W›�мu4CQ ;����V��]�,$��4V0�|m��:�*���NV�:�̞��^Ha�b|�E��d��}̯U~C4�ջFpT��h* :�G���_�����+�T�I�`7Q"u�!%����8��.yM�b�Ċ(;ݍ�/�(��e=q�4�Nk���k��®�kĮ Si �~�V�I���b�rm@I �ײ'�0q �ҷ� �y��_� endstream endobj 48 0 obj <>stream ��FC�i�dk5��h�PyBj�'�z}v��� ����m�%Q� ϙN,��ݮ��h9�"�Y���nW�L TDS below 30ppm in the water can be unhealthy for your body, as the water does not have as many minerals as your body needs. Costs $0.98, Great Value Spring Water  3.78 L. Costs $0.94, Great Value Purified Water 3.78 L. Costs $0.94, Great Value Distilled Water 3.78 L. Costs $0.94.

OTHER INFORMATION The information provided in this Safety Data Sheet is correct to the best of our knowledge, information and belief at the date of its publication. The pH balance in the water was 7.

1179289_WM - Great Value Mold & Mildew / Great Value All Purpos Revision Date 10-Sep-2014 Information on likely routes of exposure Product Information Product does not present an acute toxicity hazard based on known or supplied information. Great Value distilled water processed by steam distillation, microfiltration, ozonation. E.g.

80057 will return different results than 800-57 or 800 57. Keep in mind dashes and spaces will change the matches returned in the search results. �B\7��3�����p_�eY�@�}����&o��2�,��E7Ye/HRN6���1ae�ý��wr���5꯴�CHf:��]���]nB{6���9V)6�&�U���3Ff=�8���2-�p�tiڭuoq

All Rights Reserved. Bottled by: Premium Waters, Inc.  Chippewa Falls, WI 54729. Product Name Great Value Glass Cleaner Other means of identification Product UPC 78742-04960 Product Code 15403065644 Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use Recommended Use Consumer use. Chlorine-based bleaching agents. Bleach NOT Clorox will return results for Bleach products that are not manufactured by Clorox. It is sourced from Wells in Santa Ana, CA.

94. TRANSPORT INFORMATION Description Aerosols,UN1950 IATA UN-No UN1950 Proper Shipping Name Aerosols, flammable Hazard Class 2.1 ERG Code 10L Description UN1950,Aerosols, flammable,2.1 IMDG/IMO E.g. Inhalation Specific test data for the substance or mixture is not available. Uses advised against Do not mix with other chemicals Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet Emergency telephone number Emergency … We have tested 6 Great Value bottled waters, distributed by Walmart stores. It has electrolytes added for taste. Acute Toxicity EyesMay cause irritation.

“AND” and not “and”, To eliminate results containing certain words when searching for an SDS use the NOT operator. Great Value Brands Home Company Dealing … Great Value purified water is processed by reverse osmosis and/or distillation, filtration, and ozonation. The TDS test result of Great Value spring water was 82 ppm. 41 0 obj <> endobj

Bottled by: DS Services of America, INC, Atlanta GA 30339, Great Value purified water is processed by reverse osmosis and/or distillation, filtration, and ozonation. Our FMGC (fast moving consumable goods) are widely recognised for their premium quality. It is the equivalent of searching for Clorox OR Bleach. Identification 1.1.

1950 Proper shipping name AEROSOLS Hazard Class 2.1 Packing Group None Description UN1950, AEROSOLS, 2.1 15. 4 0 obj Great Value Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner Revision Date 13-Jul-2016 Numerical measures of toxicity - Product Information The following values are calculated based on chapter 3.1 of the GHS document . 54 0 obj <>/Encrypt 42 0 R/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<76A3D84BBB741347B7F3905605CBF946><815247D1C77843429E6E01326B8CCAD9>]/Index[41 24]/Info 40 0 R/Length 72/Prev 176531/Root 43 0 R/Size 65/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Clorox AND Bleach will return only SDS with both Clorox AND Bleach in the product name or manufacturer name (i.e.

The pH balance in the water was 5. It is micro-filtered water, which has very low minerals. Cleaning agent. This is the same as using the OR operator. Costs $0.98, Great Value Hydrate Caffeine Water 1L. Not a significant source of saturated fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, total sugars, added sugars, vitamin D, calcium, iron, and potassium. searching for peanut will not pull up results with the word “peanuts” To see results for both terms enter keywords “peanut” and “peanuts” in the search bar, separated by a space. endstream endobj startxref

In our test, the TDS content in Great Value purified water was 4ppm. If the employer does not have an SDS for one of these chemicals they should contact the manufacturer to obtain the current version of the SDS for that chemical. It will not return results for the plural or singular version of the specified text or any other variation of the word. Mexico Mexico - Grade Slight risk, Grade 1 16. About 3 serving per container: Serving size 12 fl oz (360 ml). �m��D����U�(^�ɐO����7�p�/mr�$j�.��e��2�����܆G�� �-�� "R}~Q:~pgg'������"���l���/���������O�:OϽV�ޞ�~ @����������zo��“7��g;)AKߜӗ�.��n�������l����|�o~:=}���7����Ý��#��~������{� H�>~v���I��9N_����v�{С�����YӬ��E�4k�4��^v�^���{����Y�fiv�e6)��(����]�ѫ��h�j������O�nvw�_�������"�Ã{�##y�^L����������n2�~��e��h�]�{w�S�x����=��[,.vҧ��'��6�Kw���`�����. The pH result was 5. 64 0 obj <>stream Product Title Great Value Low-Splash Meadow Concentrated Bleach, 3.78 qt. 12. �A6����p�h�,�?k|�D����]��*�؋C�c]2m|�]EJw�yᚐ9l�� �X2��Wmƥ�·}~�sH�g �i%a�!�B�. endobj

GREAT VALUE Product Name Great Value Disinfecting Wipes Recommended Use Disinfecting wipes. 8�Ng$�h�{؏ʽB1�,$���h���_{������nQp���IƯW��ne����7���8�mYW��G hH@.�P��8� �#��� ���U��~|�(��� 3����J0� ����Gǚ���_~H��|���I��

'�[�o�o��A�m���$}� ���Ű�M:ii�b�~�x"�I�F�W��o�r��0�|�T4����G:kEa� F!���uQ���fW7��Ř�(�+>~�?�(�E�o���(�V�y��{PĬِ(� p�0W�b+8�L]M�3щ�A23sNDl��V��Fy[+G��g$��m"�1��)X�#��p�+�E��3]}�7g`��;zW2FC�Vx�m�\�V츝�����1����Ap85� �_i��.aV FΟۻ7��]�S���]���W ��fY�('y��K���UP � y/� �9�[5rz��,5� ��


According to US EPA’s TDS results chart, the TDS contents of 45ppm mean that it is micro-filtered, distilled water. Product Name Great Value Bleach 1 Other means of identification Product UPC 78742-01184 Product Code 23003065031 UN/ID no. GREAT VALUE® Disinfectant, Fresh Linen MANUFACTURER'S NAME Distributed by WAL-MART Stores Inc. Bentonville, AR 72716 TELEPHONE NUMBERS and WEBSITES Regulatory Information (216) 566-2902 Medical Emergency (216) 566-2917 Transportation Emergency for Chemical Emergency ONLY (spill, leak, (800) 424-9300 fire, exposure, or accident) Great Value spring water is sourced from springs in the Palomar mountains and processed by filtration. 1014398 - Great Value (GV) Lemon Furniture Cleaner Revision Date 23-Aug-2007 Page 6 / 8 14. %����

Great Value Purified Water Tests – TDS and pH. Great Value Purified Water Test.

Great Value Caffeine water has 120 mg Caffeine per bottle. ��O64�>�G ����s����K�D|�ѣ���^D��u�/�K�\3e��{6��Kb���͵7Q.���p���軓�vCBR� )�(��K����R�]� �WN���ܨ��h�eg��2ޕ8��*Ac��+�e���w��ìǻ��odѪ�U��ϕ��^�V���d>�����q�1�,��%��?M�NgZ�OÆ���-�/�b��8d7'����I��H{�=��+����N��Ѿ�TY6�"��)�� ��� �v6~|����t�^�(&"�*�O�%/�I�@8�4���wDN��b�(&��v�S3���y�Ə�YM6"J�t���5��ATe#I�_9�!�S���Ω�)&S��'�'E�g���'�ɞD_��͚A�S�ڧ�w62Ʉ��E}uzN� ϸ0���z@�3a��ú�׶���Z�g Product Title Great Value Concentrated Fabric Protection Bleach, 43oz. if you search: Clorox Bleach then the system will show SDS with product names or manufacture names containing the words Clorox Bleach and will also show SDS containing only one of the words. %PDF-1.4


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