The only caramel we carry has the condensed milk.

Order in store whenever possible so you can SEE them make your drink. Iced coffee with milk is a cold brewed, refreshing summer treat and a great pick me up.

Iced Latte’s. It is made by putting hot chocolate powder, whole milk, and Mocha Swirl in a blender. Maybe it’s just this Dunkins? Hazelnut Swirl Hot Coffee with Cream (Medium), Strawberry Dragonfruit Refresher (Medium), Trader Joe's Non-Dairy Oat Beverage Maple, Milo's Famous Sweet Tea No Calorie (12 oz), Trader Joe's Unsweetened Non-Dairy Hemp Beverage, Starbucks Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink (Grande), Peet's Coffee & Tea The Black Tie (Large).

For a spin on hot chocolate, I recommend ordering the mint flavor. If you want to make it less rich, ask for skim milk instead. Made with milk blended with our rich, freshly ground and brewed espresso, our Iced Latte has the perfect balance of cool and creamy to get you goin'. If you use the drive-thru, you lose this advantage. Honestly they would have no reason to not use the almond milk when requested. This tasty drink is self-explanatory. Katelyn: “Please cite me or my Twitter handle in this article (@McShams).” Courtney: “We’re 19 years old and we’re sitting in a Dunkin’ Donuts at 10:30pm drinking 13 iced coffees.This is a new low.” Olivia: “Are you going to comp us for this?” In total, we tasted 13 iced coffees—one of each flavor shot and swirl. This beverage will already be incredibly sweet.


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We do put it in when you ask.

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It's really just a matter of trial and error. You can clearly see the difference. I’m still convinced they aren’t using almond milk though lol.... Im tempted to ask a manager next time I’m there, but I don’t want to be THAT person. I agree that it may be the flavor swirls,but based on my general experience at Dunkin', I don't trust them to use the correct milk. We support general discussion of Donuts whatever their source.

Does anyone have the same issue?

They are not lying to you and would not purposely use something other than requested. Calorie breakdown: 23% fat, 73% carbs, 3% protein. Iced Almond Milk Latte Recipe. If you like Caramel Swirl (who doesn’t) and coconut, you will definitely fall in love with these two flavors mixed together. All Rights Reserved. Vanilla Chai’s are now offered hot or frozen. The best part? All of the flavor SWIRLS contain dairy. For an iced latte there would theoretically be no cross contamination (hot latte the steam and would likely have some milk residue no matter how well cleaned it is.) Nicole Torossian is a Senior Writing & Rhetoric and Communication Studies double-major, with a minor in Public Relations. Honestly they would have no reason to not use the almond milk when requested. S’mores hot chocolate?

Keep in mind that while the flavor swirls may be problematic, there may also be an issue with the coffee itself.

Ask for the unsweetened shot and sugar and it won’t have any dairy in it. Our new Chai Latte, available hot or iced, features a sweetened chai tea blend combined with guests’ choice of milk. A subreddit for discussion on all things Dunkin Donuts.

The espresso does not mix with the milk, so essentially your macchiato will look like oil and vinegar, except with milk and espresso (you get the point).

Our store specifically uses almond breeze. All trademarks, copyright and other forms of intellectual property are property of their respective owners. This flavor Coolata is the most popular. I get flavored iced lattes, so maybe it’s the fake flavorings that’s upsetting my stomach? Either way, that was not a fun way to spend the morning.. the caramel flavorshot got discontinued over a year ago.

Dunkin' Iced Latte w/ Almond Milk.

This happened to me this morning:

You’re probably saying to yourself, “blueberry coffee?! For an iced latte there would theoretically be no cross contamination (hot latte the steam and would likely have some milk residue no matter how well cleaned it is.)

Calories % Daily Value* 5%. Your IP:

And it even has 1 gram of protein.

For those who do not know what a macchiato is, it is almost the same as a latte, but a bit different. If are getting the flavor swirls, then that might be it. Our Iced Lattes are not regularly made with Whipped Cream. Her Campus URI Runs on Dunkin…Enjoy! Except mocha.. the mocha swirl is dairy free :), The French vanilla syrup has sweetened condensed skim milk in it, which is probably what’s upsetting your stomach.

In fact, Dunkin’ even offered Almond Joy Swirl flavor for a limited time.

We also love smooth classic coffee, tasty baked goods and savoury sandwiches too! I got a regular iced latte today with just almond milk and sugar and yeah, my stomach is fine lol.

Celebrate, commiserate or inform but try to keep it light. But for those who do not know exactly what a latte is, it is simply an espresso shot (turbo shot at DD) with cold milk poured over ice. Nicole loves to write; her dream job is to work for a large PR agency in NYC. Who doesn’t love the flavor combination of chocolate and caramel? Enjoy our delicious Iced Matcha Lattes featuring high-quality, sweetened Matcha green tea powder blended with your choice of milk over ice.

A regular iced coffee only has between 10 and 20 calories, and just 3 grams of carbs.

Please note that some foods may not be suitable for some people and you are urged to seek the advice of a physician before beginning any weight loss effort or diet regimen.

What can be better than caramel and frozen coffee?! 7%. This beverage is similar to the Frozen Vanilla Chai, but not quite the same. This flavor shot is similar to blueberry but not as good. I prefer it to the original hot chocolate. Total Fat 3g. If not, you can make this coffee a bit tastier by asking for an extra shot of blueberry. Serving Size. Whipped Cream is available upon request as an add-on. Not bad at all! I got a large today with just almond milk and sugar and my stomach is completely fine. Tea & Things reviews Dunkin' Donut's hot, iced, and frozen matcha lattes. Frozen Matcha Latte with Skim Milk - Large Large 480 0 0 0 5 95 111 2 109 100 8 6 293 242 0 Frozen Matcha Latte with Skim Milk - Medium Medium 360 0 0 0 5 70 83 1 82 75 6 5 220 182 0 Frozen Matcha Latte with Skim Milk - Small Small 240 0 0 0 0 50 55 1 54 50 4 3 146 121 0 Frozen Matcha Latte with Whole Milk - Large This is not an official subreddit and does not represent the Dunkin Donuts brand. This goes well with almond milk! I am not a fan of hot coffee, but a hot latte tastes amazing. When I go to Starbucks or small cafes I order an iced latte with almond milk and vanilla syrup.

I like skim in my espresso so I can taste the espresso and I know it’s whole milk most of the time.

No more flavor swirls for me. The flavor shots are fine but ate not sweet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

Any twitter support would be appreciated. I am extremely lactose intolerant, otherwise I wouldn’t care. Amount Per Serving; Calories from Fat 0 Calories 130 % Daily Value; 0% Total Fat 0g; 0% Saturated Fat 0g Trans Fat 0g; 0% Cholesterol0mg; 5% Sodium110mg; 9% Total Carbohydrates28g; 0% Dietary Fiber 0g Sugars 27g; Protein 7g * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


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