People were watching. (See Luke 22:42-43). Both parents rushed to their son, but the father was uncomfortable with the moment.

He wrapped it himself, and was beside himself with excitement. He tore his robe, shaved his head, and fell to the ground when he heard that his children had died (Job 1:20). Suffering comes well armed, with grief, hardship, misfortune, illness, crisis, tragedy and more. We had two cars, but they just left me.

The next day, I had medicine.

The pictures and the stories were soon beamed around the country. Nothing about this story seems to make sense, and it certainly isn't satisfying.

He was a man who did without something we'd all like to do without.

Your trusted source of Christian resources since 1891, Sermon: Choosing Faith in the Midst of Suffering, Job 1-2. Job was wise enough to know that God had controlled the good days, and the success of his life, just as surely as God was now controlling the bad days. They took care of us, they really did. Rev.

Key Illustration, Part I: When 38-year-old Carlotta Bennett realized the water in her house had reached her family's hiding place in the attic, she lost control of her emotions.

Will you forget me forever? The gift went airborne, and when it landed on the cafeteria floor, the shattering sound stopped all conversations. Lessons from Job is a four-sermon series by pastor Andy Cook. How else could it be? . That single day of suffering, coupled with the way two faith-driven men reacted to that suffering, created a church in Philippi that would help change the world. Job wasn't the last man to give such a gift to the God who allowed terrible pain. People have been dealing with the destructive power of hurricanes and earthquakes and tornadoes as long as humans and the forces of nature have been doing battle. But there's no doubt that the conversation was crystal clear to God. The only being in complete control of all events, is God.

When Elihu began to answer Job on behalf of God in chapters 32 through 37, he pointed out that Job had been wrongly focused during much of his trial. We want the first paragraph of Job, which tells us this man was blameless, upright, righteous, and the greatest man among his people. God wasn't tricked by Satan.

The book of Job presents one of the most unusual pictures in all the Bible.

Like the water-logged Bennett family in Biloxi, sometimes the biggest battle comes after the storm has passed.

That God is always worthy of praise. Throughout the entire event, God is always in control.

They had a wheelchair waiting on me. They found that the Jesus they'd followed was the confirmed Christ, the Son of God .

The subject of their celestial conversation is a nearly flawless man, and how he might be tortured. Watch Jesus as he struggled with the weight of the cross, the burden of the task, and the unspeakable pain of the crucifixion. When the child finished praying, the water started receding. CSB Holy Land Illustrated Bible (Hardcover). It was made of plaster, resembled nothing in particular, but with some paint, sparkle and time in a kiln, it was ready to be wrapped as a gift. All of the patriarchs – Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses – suffered for decades before seeing how faithful God could be, to those who simply would not let go of the rope of faith.

People ridiculed him (30:1, 9) and that can be hard to take. "Naked I came from my mother's womb,  and naked I will depart. A beam fell on my back, so I couldn't hardly walk. God carefully weighed the options, considered the ramifications, and made a choice. Paul wasted two years in a prison cell in Caesarea, right in the middle of his best church-planting days. David wrestled with questions for years, especially while hiding from Saul and wondering if he'd even live to see the reign the prophet had said would be his. Want to get in touch? How long, O LORD? "I know that my Redeemer lives," he told his more comfortable friends, "and that in the end he will stand upon the earth." In fact, the way he dealt with his suffering has been a source of strength ever since people began searching the Bible for answers.

(Note: This illustration is completed as the conclusion of the sermon.).

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