To make his equations work he arbitrarily had to stick in an extra term called the cosmological constant to ensure the universe stood still. Supersymmetry, for example – one of the current proposals for how to go beyond the physics of the Standard Model – is beginning to look shaky because we aren't seeing what the theory predicts we should see. As he took me through the equations he had been formulating I began to see emerging before my eyes potential answers for many of the major problems in physics. Esta página se editó por última vez el 20 oct 2020 a las 00:27. No paper have been published, not even an abstract, so why all the fuss? I thought they were embarassed they had these results and could not suppress them because, well, you just don’t go around suppressing data you don’t like without a reason. Once you have such equations in hand, yo… [4]​ Pocos físicos asistieron a esta conferencia y las conclusiones fueron recibidas con escepticismo por varios comentaristas. The Field Equations control the curvature of space-time and represent our theory of gravity, whereas the Yang-Mills and Dirac equations represent our theory of particle interactions on a quantum level. One of the challenges facing fundamental physics has been to provide a natural explanation for these three generations. What he was about to show me, he explained, were ideas that he'd been working on for the past two decades. But Weinstein's symmetry is predicting that we will see new particles with spin 3/2 exhibiting familiar responses to the nongravitational forces together with a slew of new exotic particles with familiar spin but unfamiliar responses to the forces of the standard model. Right now, I just don’t see the problem of Weinstein getting too much attention for his ideas as a major one for physics. Einstein talked about his belief that the universe was made of marble not wood. Beaulieu, Laurent; Kanno, Hiroaki; Singer, I. M. (1998). “And then later of course it was a cable problem. Neither I, nor any of my professional physicist friends, have the faintest clue. Update: It seems that claims that physicists were not invited to Weinstein’s talk are not true: an announcement and posters were sent to the physics department, but did not get widely disseminated. “One proposal for the source of this push involves reintroducing the cosmological constant into Einstein’s Field Equations. And contrary to what people have thought, it is not constant. Right now, I just don’t see the problem of Weinstein getting too much attention for his ideas as a major one for physics. It sounds like things haven’t sufficiently converged yet for him to feel comfortable writing a paper–perhaps there are too many loose ends still. But this cosmological constant has always seemed very arbitrary and a retrospective fix.”

Nameless, yes, you can do that as long as you’re not dealing with some more exotic structure analogous to the original Weyl or Kaluza-Klein unified fields. AFAIK they stood up there and said we have this data, we can’t get rid of it, it looks funky, and we ask you help in showing where we went wrong. So this extra term is added to fix the fact that we know that particles like the W and Z particles that control the weak force do have mass. On Thursday in Oxford he will begin to outline his ideas to the rest of the mathematics and physics community. The Guardian has a long article about him and his work here. symmetry groups, etc ? The particles in the Standard Model have a property called spin. Some members of the collaboration refused to put their names to the paper, knowing they hadn’t checked things carefully enough to justify going public. Joseph Conlon, de la Universidad de Oxford, comentó que algunas de estas partículas ya deberían haberse visto en aceleradores como el Gran Colisionador de Hadrones, si existieran. One of the things that particularly appeals to me about the theory is that symmetry, my own field of research, is a key ingredient. Two years ago, a mathematician and physicist whom I've known for more than 20 years arranged to meet me in a bar in New York. [11]​[12]​ Entre los individuos asociados con esta “internet oscura intelectual”, además de Eric y Bret Weinstein, se suele incluir a Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Owen Benjamin, Sam Harris, Heather Heying, Claire Lehmann, Douglas Murray, Maajid Nawaz, Jordan Peterson, Steven Pinker, Joe Rogan, Dave Rubin, Ben Shapiro, Lindsay Shepherd, Michael Shermer, Debra Soh y Christina Hoff Sommers.

The problem has been for decades that naively, one has to tune it small, not that it is there in the first place. He seriously believes in what he is doing, has been working on it completely quietly for many years, and is deeply conflicted about discussing his ideas in public.

Pingback: Geometric Unity reprise |, Pingback: » Social construction of truth and knowledge (inlustre monumentum est), Pingback: Courses, Forces, and (w)Einstein | Of Particular Significance. But more recently we have discovered that not only is the universe expanding, that expansion is accelerating, being pushed by some unknown source we have dubbed dark energy. When Marcus du Sautoy gets the Oxford String Theory Group renamed as the Oxford Geometric Unity Group, despite Weinstein’s ideas not working out, then I’ll add them to the list to denounce. Very little in the universe is arbitrary. And just as Einstein's general theory of relativity took some years to stabilise there are likely to be modifications to the theory before it is complete. Both theories have been incredibly successful in describing the physical world, but they are not compatible with each other. I’ve found that writing things down helps clear things up sometimes. It requires some courage to challenge Einstein, but Weinstein's theory reveals that just as Newton's equations were an approximation to nature so too are Einstein's. For a small amount of info about the talk, see the comment here from “Leaker”. The metric tensor is a symmetric bilinear form, so 10 components in 4 d. So, you could make a bundle over your 4d spacetime, with 10d fibers given by the symmetric bilinear forms on the tangent space. As far as I know, the Guardian blog posts were not his idea. If he is right, his name will be an easy one to remember: Eric Weinstein.

As best as I can recall, he said it was one of two primary mysteries in a talk at NYU back in the late 1990’s. It’s not about “suppressing data”, it’s about how hard you work looking for what could be the source of the problem when there is something weird in your data.


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