| 91,937 | | 513,095 Loosely based on real events, ‘Heavenly Creatures’ follows two teenage girls, Juliet (Kate Winslet) and Pauline (Melanie Lynskey), as they meet, fall in friend-love, obsess over male movie stars, build up an increasingly ornate fantasy world and, ultimately, plan and execute a murder. It’s been a big few years for LGBTQ films. Stars: Ang Lee | The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert (1994). BW, Cast: James Wilby, Rupert Graves, Hugh Grant, This 1987 Merchant-Ivory film is based on an EM Forster novel published in 1971, a year after the author's death, but written over five decades earlier and assumed unpublishable by the writer.

Noémie Merlant, Stars: $0.02M, Not Rated

TH, Buy, rent or watch 'The Terence Davies Trilogy', Cast: Margit Carstensen, Hanna Schygulla, Katrin Schaake, For two hours, German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder locks us inside the flat of Petra von Kant (Margit Carstensen) a world-famous fashion designer – though it’s her silent drudge of an assistant (Irm Hermann) who does all the work while Petra spends her time lounging in bed. | And it had to be Fresh. DC, Cast: Divine, David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce, A lot of LGBT films ask mainstream audiences for sympathy, understanding, even pity. 123 min

Jarman's interest is more modern than historical, but he forcefully and playfully makes his point about homophobia through the ages. We did not include miniseries, leaving out seminal works like Angels in America, nor movies made for TV. Biography, Drama, History. | Gross: Josh Brolin, Working with professional actors for the first time, the radical Italian director sets a cat among the pigeons of bourgeois family life in the preternaturally beautiful shape of Terence Stamp. Takuya Kimura, 108 min Gus van Sant’s film is dreamy, earthy and pretentious in the best sense, and both leads are impossibly beautiful. | |

Hepburn was sold as the movie's star – she's the dainty, glamorous one with the macho boyfriend (James Garner). Rarely has Hollywood given us such complex and compelling female characters. Mark Ruffalo, He is an ex-convict.

Nicole Kidman is Virginia Woolf, working on Mrs Dalloway in the early 1920s and feeling herself slip into a breakdown. Also, who wouldn’t want Annette Bening and Julianne Moore as their mums? He brings with him a script, a revenge fantasy loosely based on their abuse by a priest at school.
| | Films like ‘Moonlight’, ‘Love, Simon’, the Melissa McCarthy-starring ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’ and the thrilling ‘A Fantastic Woman’ have all brought much-needed representation to the big screen, while also telling a diverse range of LGBT+ stories. Director: In this febrile setting, an increasingly tender romance blossoms with sparky activist Sean (Pérez Biscayart).

Nicholas Jacob, 90 min 20,876 The final list was culled from a longlist of hundreds, after which the films were ranked according to the Adjusted Tomatometer, which acts as a kind of inflation adjustment, taking into consideration the Tomatometer score, as well as the number of reviews a film received relative to the average number of reviews for films released that same year.
GL, Buy, rent or watch 'The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert', Cast: John Cameron Mitchell, Miriam Shor, Stephen Trask, An underground cause célèbre before it was the toast of Broadway, ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ was writer-director-star John Cameron Mitchell's stellar 2001 debut feature. And while we still have a long way to go before queer cinema is entirely mainstream, it’s worth celebrating how far we’ve come even since 2005’s ‘Brokeback Mountain’. | An aspiring photographer develops an intimate relationship with an older woman in 1950s New York. He thinks no one can help except himself. 22,616 | The result is a heady and distinctive mix of working-class truthfulness and magic realism, created with the help of early digital video technology. In his delirious realm of bad taste, it's the straights who deserve pity for their intolerably timid stifling conformity while the freaks live it up on their own grotesque terms. This S&M relationship works for both of them until Petra becomes obsessed with a young model, Karin. $12.71M, TV-MA and Time Out writers to share their most essential LGBT+ films to countdown the 50 best gay movies. We already have this email. That’s why, in the last few years, it’s been exciting to see an increase in quality LGBT+ cinema that truly represents different facets of the queer experience. Fabio Audi, Expanded from a short film with the help of executive producer Spike Lee. 319,491 As well as being a trenchant case for class consciousness, it's a bruising reminder that people can share your sexuality without giving a shit about your welfare.

Ramón Emilio Candelario, 20. So-Ri Moon, Votes: Director: BW, Cast: Beryl Reid, Susannah York, Coral Browne, Six years after delivering the 1962 Grand Guignol camp classic ‘What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?’, director Robert Aldrich was back at it with this towering exercise in macabre lesbian psychodrama. BW, Cast: André Christian, Dorian Corey, Paris Duprée, Jennie Livingston's 1990 portrait of New York’s drag ball culture might be the most seminal LGBT documentary ever made. "Good Kenyan girls become good Kenyan wives," but Kena and Ziki long for something more. Michael Haneke

In 2014 that story was turned into the gorgeous, biggest-hearted Brit film ‘Pride’.


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