In this sense, neoliberalism becomes what Boas and Gans-Morse described as a term with ‘negative normative valence’: it can be used widely, but only if it is also used critically. (2001b): Education, Enterprise Culture and the Entrepreneurial Self: A Foucauldian Perspective. 2018.

(2004): The Freiburg School: Walter Eucken and Ordoliberalism. The implicit contrasts that Foucault makes between German, French and American national capitalisms point towards the comparative histories of capitalist economies that Weber saw as being a central task of economic sociology (Weber, 1978: 164-166). Davies W (2014) The Limits of Neoliberalism: Authority, Sovereignty and the Logic of Competition. London (14–16 October 2009), available at: {} accessed 27 December 2009. Usage data cannot currently be displayed. Robert J. Hurley.

These are powerful reasons to continue the struggle. 201–25; Brennan, Timothy, ‘The Empire's New Clothes’, Critical Inquiry, 29 (2005), pp. Friedli and Stearn point out that this is an attempt by the state to govern and manage disabled subjectivities, so that ‘… liberal subjects’ capabilities, inclinations and desires are in accord with values and expectations that are identified as already given by a civil society centred on the labour market.’ (Friedli & Stearn, 2015:42) This focus on the individual works against the possibility of group solidarity and collective action on the part of those on benefits.

In contrast to the focus on Keynesian economics and planning in most European nations, the new (West) German state explicitly based its economic program on market conforming policies, such as the removal of price controls, balanced budgets and modest growth in credit and the supply of money. Instead, he argues that ‘socialism can only be implemented connected up to diverse forms of governmentality’, and that: We can know only that if there is a really socialist governmentality, then it is not hidden within socialism and its texts. 288–300; Nicholas J. Kiersey, ‘Neoliberal Political Economy’; Jason Weidner, ‘Governmentality, Capitalism and Subjectivity’; De Goede, Marieke (ed. In response to these charges, I argue that critics have failed to take full stock of Foucault's contribution to the study of global liberalism, which owes more to economic than political liberalism. 190-207. 5 Collier, Stephen, ‘Topologies of Power: Foucault's Analysis of Political Government beyond “Governmentality”’, Theory, Culture & Society, 26:6 (2009), pp. Not affiliated Cite as. 39 Joseph, ‘The Limits of Governmentality’, p. 241. 37–64; Lemke, Thomas, ‘“The Birth of Bio-Politics”: Michel Foucault's Lecture at the College de France on Neo-liberal Governmentality’, Economy and Society, 3:2 (2001), pp. New York: Pantheon. Download preview PDF. New Formations 80/81: 39-51.

62 Foucault's own political view of liberalism is more complicated. Populations, States and International Organizations’, Global Society, 23:4 (2009), pp. New York: National Bureau of Economic Research/Columbia University Press. Becker, Gary (1964): Human Capital: A Theoretical And Empirical Analysis with Spedal Reference To Education. He was also clearly distancing himself in this period from what he termed ‘state phobia’, and the associated claim that Western capitalist nations were moving in the direction of fascism (Foucault, 2008: 76-77 & 185-188). 3 Neal, Andrew, ‘Goodbye War on Terror? Consequently unemployed people end up on benefits long-term, and resist seeking paid employment. 17 Albert, Mathias and Lenco, Peter, ‘Introduction to the Forum – Foucault and International Political Sociology’, International Political Sociology, 2:3 (2008), p. 256. At the same time, the notion of individual freedom is open to a Foucauldian analysis of power and governmentality. 83 It should be remembered that Foucault never had a chance to fully elaborate his thoughts on biopolitics. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. His recent works include ‘Michel Foucault’s The Birth of Biopolitics and Contemporary Neoliberalism Debates’, published in Thesis Eleven 108 (2012), pp. 206–33; Agathangelou, ‘Bodies of Desire’; Pasha, ‘In the Shadows of Globalization’.

The Limits of the Biopolitical Approach’, ‘Globalising Foucault: Turning Critique into Apologia – A Response to Kiersey and Rosenow’, ‘Governmentality of What? Part of Springer Nature. 56 Joseph, ‘The Limits of Governmentality’, p. 230. Berlin: Social Science Research Center. 117 Venn, ‘Neoliberal Political Economy’, p. 206; Agathangelou, ‘Bodies of Desire’, p. 15. The timeliness of this publication was seen by many to arise from its contemporary relevance. D. Macey. It is therefore unsurprising that there has been a resurgence of interest in work and ideas of the British psychologist Peter Sedgwick (Cresswell & Spandler, 2009; Tietze, 2015; Cresswell & Spandler, 2015) [1]. Whereas socialists devote much energy to the question of who is a ‘true’ socialist, based on ‘conformity to a text, or to a series of texts’, liberals are much more interested in adapting their philosophical ideals to practical governmental programs, as evidenced by the ways in which the Freiberg school could move from relatively abstract debates around Ordoliberalism to successfully administering the post-war West German state. Sedgwick, P. (1982) Psycho Politics, London, Pluto Press. 33–4. Bracken, P. & Thomas, P. (2010) From Szasz to Foucault. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. One example of such a formulation is Wendy Brown’s definition of neoliberalism as ‘a governing rationality through which everything is “economized” and … human beings become market actors and nothing but, every field of activity is seen as a market, and every entity (whether public or private, whether person, business, or state) is governed as a firm’ (Shenk, 2015). 64 Kiersey, Nicholas J., ‘Neoliberal Political Economy and the Subjectivity of Crisis: Governmentality is Not Hollow’, Global Society, 23:4 (2009), p. 363. R. Hurley et al. [3] See – the group was formed in January 2015, and by September its membership had grown to just under 500. This analysis of psychiatry, argued Sedgwick, was couched in terms of medical and scientific insights in isolation from the social and political realities that shaped them, particularly those of class and production. 26 Collier, Stephen, ‘Topologies of Power: Foucault's Analysis of Political Government beyond “Governmentality”’, Theory, Culture & Society, 26:6 (2009), p. 97; Joseph, ‘The Limits of Governmentality’; Chandler, ‘Globalising Foucault’. 421–2. Required fields are marked *. Peters, Michael A. While The Birth of Biopolitics was intended to fill that gap, Foucault spent most of the lecture series exploring the ‘condition of intelligibility’ for biopolitics, that is, liberal government. His interest in ideas surrounding the market and its relationship to liberal rationalities of government perhaps stemmed in part from his own dissatisfaction with the politics of the French Left. Édition établie sous la direction de Francois Ewald et Alessandro Fontana, par Michel Senellart. Recovery in the Bin uses the term ‘UnRecovered’ as a form of self-definition to contrast it politically with ‘Recovered’.


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