He has a series of moves in the paint like the floater, runner, or scoop layup to get a clean look over more prominent defenders. They signed Brook Lopez to a long term deal and have Giannis, Middleton, and Divencenzo in their frontcourt, so those positions aren’t needed. Mannion looks to get out and push in the open floor often, which is going to translate very well into today’s ‘pace and space’ NBA style. His body movement when making an attack move is elusive, which helps him create separation. For some odd reason, the Magic haven’t selected a guard in the draft since Victor Oladipo in 2013 who they then traded for, yes, another forward.

Not only would Mannion get the majority share of minutes at PG, I think he’d start immediately. Mannion only shot 39.2% from the field and 32.7% from deep. Quickness is also a big area to be worried about when it comes to attacking and defending from the point of attack. I doubt that he’ll be asked to create his own shot, but rather, let the offense come to him through system play. Nico Mannion was one of the most anticipated players coming into the 2019-2020 collegiate season. The mechanics are good as mentioned, but consistency will be key in determining how much success he can have at the next level. This pull-up primarily comes off of dribble handoffs or ball screens. The Italian born point guard was highly recruited out of high school and is part of a current trio of impact freshmen (Zeke Nnaji / Josh Green) on the Arizona Wildcats roster.

Like Coby White, you can expect Nico Mannion to become an offensive-minded point guard with a good basketball IQ and a deep arsenal of offensive moves. Mannion can only defend one’s and two’s in the half-court so teams may pass on him in the draft in favour of a more versatile athlete. Defensively, Mannion does not struggle; however, he does not excel either.

He is capable of making full court passes on the money to set up easy fast break points.

He also displays his hustle by going after rebounds in traffic, despite being undersized, and by jumping passing lanes that he turns into quick transition buckets. Ability to play on and off the ball. He can whip passes with either hand across the court and into some rather tight windows in the half court. As of right now, Mannion is slotted on my big board as a top 20 prospect in this class.

Eric Bledsoe is a defensive-minded point guard who is great at attacking the rim but struggles shooting the ball. Not good at all. It is clear that he needs to improve his game in several areas, but overall, he has all of the tools to translate into a useful NBA pro. Offensive Summary: Combo guard. Mannion produced most of his offense from the pick and roll last year. Mannion’s crafty handle, soft touch, and instincts have him high on many’s draft boards.

However, from a purely technical standpoint, Mannion is solid. Coming out of the pick and roll, Mannion gets doubled quite often so often he’ll look to use hook passes with a little touch to a popping screen man. Could the Hawks look to add more ball handling and passing in the draft? Mannion excels at both of those. His frame as a smaller guard could hurt him at the next level. Learn how your comment data is processed. He is a scrapper who plays up on his man and is solid at working to get around ball screens. College: Arizona.

Look for him to work with trainers on strengthening his body and explosiveness. Mannion is always looking for the ball to start a fast-break which is an overlooked quality for point guards, in my opinion. You’ve probably seen videos of Nico Mannion on Instagram or Twitter crossing up guys in high school and making the gym go wild. Nico Mannion with the crossover and then the one foot floater for the finish…that's an NBA move right there pic.twitter.com/R6qJKsX21M, — ZonaZealotsFS (@ZonaZealots) November 30, 2019. Mannion will need to improve his efficiency if he wants to make an impact in the NBA. Using these tools, he can extend the ball up and over any oncoming defenders making him more effective in the half court. I want my point guard to want the ball in his hands at all times. Mannion’s bright spot defensively is against the pick and roll. Nico Mannion Scouting Report. When in the open court, Mannion’s decision making is usually pretty good. Nico Mannion has the all around skill to play effectively at the NBA level. A frontcourt focused squad could use a high-pick and roll expert like Mannion in this draft. Ben Roy, the junior D-1 guard prospect out of Manasquan, matches…, Jalen Warley Announces Commitment to Florida State University, Olivia Miles Talks Notre Dame Commitment, Lowering Rims For Women, And…, Senior Send-Off: Quadry Adams taking off to Wake Forest, Former NBA player Arinze Onuaku shares inspiration behind his basketball-themed clothing….


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