One cup of cooked chickpeas has roughly 15 grams of protein and 12 grams of fiber. Course Dessert, Snack Prep Time 20 minutes. The main ingredient in this edible cookie dough is chickpeas, making this a healthy snack option that is packed with protein and fiber. You’ll love having these on hand for a sweet treat. Go forth into the weekend with a bowl of healthy cookie dough in hand. Vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free.

Peanut Butter. Other Recipes You Might Like: Peanut butter protein healthy cookie dough balls. Click here now and I’ll send this to you in Messenger!

They are also a good source of iron, folate, and other nutrients. Once prepared, this chickpea cookie dough will keep in the fridge for about 5-7 days. Total …

Roll about 1 tbsp of the dough into your hands and add that to a container, then freeze. Protein-Packed Chickpea Cookie Dough. Bonus, one serve will bring you 6g of protein and only 150 kcal!

(Chocolate Chip) Chickpea Cookie Dough + Protein Chickpea cookie dough is all the rave right now, and quite deserving too. And then there’s all the fandom towards homemade bars or some sort or the other – granola bars, twix bars, brownie bars, what not. Make healthy cookie dough protein bites with chickpea based cookie dough and melted dark chocolate. Coconut flour is incredibly high in fiber, protein, and gives a rich texture to baked goods—or, in the case, of these protein balls, to no bake goods.

Vegan Cookie Dough Stuffed Peanut Butter Bites.

Oct 28, 2018 - Protein Chickpea Cookie Dough! This edible chickpea cookie dough dip is the healthiest vegan protein snack. Above: Watch the video of how to make chickpea cookie dough dip!

No more stealing raw cookie dough and feeling sick after. Delicious to dip crunchy apple slices or to eat by the spoon on its own, to fix a cookie craving.

Store in an air tight container for best results! If you want to make a cookie dough protein ball recipe without flour, try my Chickpea Cookie Dough, which uses oats instead. Natural almond butter: More protein, along with heart-healthy fats. I … Vegan + Gluten Free + Low Calorie Get this recipe with Facebook Messenger. This eggless no bake cookie dough is made in a blender with chickpeas and protein powder. Vegan Chickpea Cookie Dough Bowls. Low in sugar, refined sugar free and dairy free, this goodie makes the perfect healthy snack treat for anytime of day. While I don’t think freezer the recipe as is would work, I do think it would work if it were frozen as small energy bites. Your new favourit treat is chickpea cookie dough! I don’t know if this happens to all pregnant women, but I have been craving sweet treats like crazy!


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