Tutto made in Italy.

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Style meets Comfort.

The Rover chair is the first piece of furniture designed by industrial designer Ron Arad.It was made in 1981 as a fusion of two readymades and launched Arad's career.

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Opening this week, the gallery dedicates its ground floor space to the design pioneer Ron Arad. This piece is a showroom piece and the fabric is a little creased. In addition to that, it even leaves you more susceptible to vision problems. Aided by tools such as a metal compactor, hand welder and a rubber-headed hammer, Arad created armchairs, tables and screens out of gestural pieces of wielded metal – all in opposition to the slick polish of the Memphis movement in Milan. Arad’s breakthrough as an interior designer overlapped with his decision to drop his architectural apprentice to devote himself to experimenting with materials and volumes. From the best-selling 1993 Bookworm bookshelf by Kartell, to numbered studio pieces, like the unpublished prototypes from Moroso’s 1991 Spring Collection. This colourful piece, fashioned in hopsack, combines minimalist beauty and elegant comfort. Arad worked for the Royal College of Art for eight years between until 2009. } Join an exclusive community of luxury design enthusiasts. Weekend viewings are also possible, but need to be arranged in advance. It’s your eye’s first line of defense to harmful components of the sun. Style meets Comfort. All Rights Reserved. Forms range from the functional to the gourmand, such as large melons, gourds, confections and slices of deli meats (Trayte was also previously a chef), imbuing the creations with a lighthearted touch. Installation view of Ron Arad’s solo show ‘Fishes and Crows’ at Friedman Benda New York.

} Photography by Timothy Doyon, Looming Lloyd by Ron Arad, 1986. Great design starts here! Ron Arad goes head to head with emerging designer in New York. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { At his DuoMo, above, in the Italian town of Rimini, the reception desk resembles a hovering flying saucer, and openings in the wall behind each bed look into the pod-shaped bathroom. As it reads in the introduction of his 2009 MoMA retrospective Ron Arad: No Discipline, his design, architecture, sculpture and mixed-medium installations have inspired generations of artists and designers to “adopt hybrid practices that have the flexibility to match today’s shifts in design applications. Photography by Dan Kukla, ‘Ron Arad: Fishes & Crows’ and ‘Jonathan Trayte: Fruiting Habits’ is on view at Friedman Benda until 27 July. background-color: rgb(244, 244, 244); He continues to work from his studio in London. This is where he began to handcraft unconventional furnishings made mostly out of welded steel sheeting with distinctive sculptural forms.


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