I am not the sum of my mistakes and failures. Then I am able to give myself compassion and love myself even when I make mistakes. Judgment and criticism can be familiar daily battles. I create the improvements I want for it. I humbly and wholeheartedly praise every bit of the wonder that is me, here, now.

Especially self-compassion and spiritual wellness activities that can decrease anxiety, perfectionism, and judgment. You will not be able to love others.

But this expectation drives me into perfectionism.

“Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. I encourage you to use the self-acceptance quotes and affirmations in any way that resonates with you. Self-compassion isn’t about escaping your darkness but learning to love yourself there.

I set aside time to enjoy it. I think I can always do better, always improve.

The more compassion you have for yourself, the more compassion you will have for God and others. I stand my ground and protect myself with compassionate assertiveness. Each day for 30 days you’ll be emailed a simple writing prompt.

The more you hear the words coming out of your mouth, with growing conviction, the more their messages will seep in, and the more confident you’ll be of their truthfulness.

I release the need to judge myself negatively or focus on my mistakes. My body is a beautiful expression of my individuality. Even if I stand alone, I will stand firm. You may hear that to grower close to God, you need to give up something. I accept and forgive myself for mine. It also predicates your ability to love, support and have compassion for others. Consider these self-compassion affirmations healing gifts and reflections of the stars inside of you — the light you keep, even in the midst of darkness and mystery. I let go of my past and live in the present. Now, I know what you’re thinking: what does sleep have to do with self-compassion? Today, I will look for opportunities to learn and grow. I let go of the self-judgment and fill the space with love and understanding. I have the ability to overcome any challenge life gives me. I let go of my need to hold in the tears when they need to flow. I decide what to feel or not to feel. While society would have us believe that self-compassion is a sign of weakness—especially in trying and tense times—the truth is that self-compassion is a vehicle of love. I honor and respect my limitations. Choosing to focus on self-care can help you grow in self-compassion, grow in building integrative wellness, and grow in your spirituality. I am loved unconditionally and beyond comprehension. The future is mine to make.

Embrace who you are. These are a few affirmations or phrases I use when I am feeling stuck in self-doubt or repeating unproductive thoughts: I am perfect exactly as I am.

Second, receive an email and click confirmation to receive the download. I have the strength to rise in the face of adversity. [Tweet “Love runs through my veins 24/7. – Wayne Dyer, So be who you really are. We all have doubts and fears. Suffering is part of life. And as long as I live, I’ll keep achieving them.

I love myself for I am a beloved child of the universe and the universe lovingly takes care of me now.

Before I realized I needed self-compassion for inner healing, I didn’t even know I was being so hard of myself.

– Lucille Ball, To accept ourselves as we are means to value our imperfections as much as our perfections. All rights reserved. I radiate joy, love, peace and compassion. Many people are hard on themselves; especially trauma survivors. When someone experiences a trauma, they may blame themselves for somehow causing or not stopping the traumatic event. Hope your kick boxing class went well. A randomized controlled trial demonstrated that MSC significantly increased self-compassion, compassion for others, mindfulness, and life satisfaction, as well as decreased depression, anxiety and stress.

I am always compassionate and loving with myself.

I’ve been working on using the tips and exercises I shared in the post, but sometimes I need a reminder to actually use the skills I’m learning.

Many people will sacrifice themselves for others, and stop focusing on themselves. Let’s start at the beginning of when I learned about self-compassion being vital in my own trauma recovery journey. I trust in my ability to make it through difficult times.

Self-compassion helps me respond to stress in creative and fruitful ways.
For more information about contemplative spiritual practices, visit www.contemplativemind.org/practices.

It’s important to choose to see things positively, and this is where self-compassion continues to becomes a pivotal healing path for me. I am fierce and relentless. I am not defined by my ego. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” ― Louise L. Hay. I approach my physical self with that same level of commitment and care. And by repeating positive affirmations for self-love, you begin a new adventure in healing. Loving God, loving yourself, and loving others helps you grow spiritually. Since my knowledge is imperfect, I prefer learning to debating. I am trying to love myself a little more everyday.

I  accept myself with love, respect, and appreciation. Plus, I have something special to share with you that’ll nudge you closer to peace within (the unshakable kind). Like my other books, this one was born from my own healing journey. You can love yourself. "Genuine care is closely related to compassion and is lovely when laced with patience and curiosity." It’s about giving yourself the space and opportunity to practice self-awareness, mindfulness, reflection, forgiveness, spirituality, hope, and self-compassion. You are worthy of kindness, compassion, and love. I’m kind to myself and to the world around me.

– Amy Bloom, One of the best guides to how to be self-loving is to give ourselves the love we are often dreaming about receiving from others. How does sharing compassion with others help me grow spiritually? I can be aware and accept things that are less than positive while giving myself self-compassion. It's a quick, simple one step process and you also get access to a load of other extras including an affirmation list builder that will help you succeed with your positive affirmations. This book is about sleep but, then again, it’s about much more than that. We all need people to love us. Hi!

– C. joybell C. If you don’t love yourself, you cannot love others. When would be a good time to share compassion with myself? Yet practicing self-compassion can significantly increase our happiness and make us more successful. To gain instant access to the other 76 Compassion Affirmations, and 42450 other proven positive affirmations, you need to sign up using the form below.

Mistakes are proof that I’m learning and improving.

Mindfulness can be simple or in-depth if you choose.

Gently accept your humanness.

I trust in my ability to learn, to forgive, and to move forward. From the final sentence in the book: “Enjoy the beauty sleep that comes when you honor yourself.”, Joana, thank you so much! | Trista Sutter Everyone makes mistakes. Post this on your fridge, desk, or mirror, wherever you’ll see it easily.

Congratulations!! – Madonna, Lighten up on yourself. – Louise Hay, I was once afraid of people saying ‘Who does she think she is?’ Now I have the courage to stand and say “This is who I am.” – Oprah Winfrey. I stop the self-sabotage and self-pity and choose self-love instead.

I decide what I should or should not take personally and how I should react.

The first essential self-care activity may seem easy to do, yet sometimes we don’t even know we’re missing it. The difference is who you are giving compassion to, whether it’s to others or to yourself.

Every action that I take is with love to God’s glory. I will be sharing this. I fear standing still. I forgive my family and embrace them in compassion. I am a bit of all things — a soul.

Whether you want to write your own or collect favorites here and there, we’ve curated this list of 99 of our favorites just for you. These self-compassion quotes and affirmations for self-compassion can help you remember to show yourself the same grace and acceptance you show to everyone you love in your life. I develop them with patience. Other similar terms could be judgment, criticism, and insignificance. And by repeating positive affirmations for self-love, you begin a new adventure in healing.

Negative self-talk kills so many dreams. [Tweet “It is safe for me to let go of what no longer serves me.”]. I accept genuine compliments easily.

... Self-compassion can be a pathway to deeper connections with ourselves and one another. – Deborah Day, Whatever you do, be gentle with yourself.

This method and perspective feeds my dreams, goals, desires, and needs.

That’s why several of the following self-compassion affirmations are inspired by or taken directly from the book. When I coach people, one of the main points I emphasize is “staying in the love lane.” What I mean is that nothing else around you matters when all you can realistically control is your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Then you'll love our community of fun, feisty women. The only person who can pull me down is myself and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore. A free, single step process with instant gratification!

I am worthy of love, compassion, and empathy. I tell the truth with integrity and compassion. Kindness, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness are the cornerstones of unconditional love.


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