1035 ( 1 Chronicles 22:5 ; 29:1 ). 12:24; I Kings 1:30; 2:12).

He did not, indeed, cease to believe in the God of Israel with his mind. Nothing that we know of Bath-sheba lends us to think of her as likely to mould her sons mind and heart to the higher forms of goodness. The bodyguard of foreign mercenaries was abolished and the captain Benaiah promoted to be commander-in-chief. The name Solomon and Shulamite are similar and have a common meaning of “peace.” The other interpretation pictures a love triangle between the beloved woman, her beloved shepherd, and the king appealing to her. Early life and occasion to the throne.. --Solomon was the child of Davids old age, the last born of all his sons.

“Om” is from the ancient Greek word Omega which is also the last letter of its alphabet. Solomon, sol'-o-mon (Heb.) "Entry for 'SOLOMON'". Of the thousand and five songs we know absolutely nothing. The alliance with the Phoenician king rested on a somewhat different footing. As students who look especially for information about the individual man, we discern in Solomon a development of the presiding genius at the heart center.

The foregoing were the two most important to Babylon alliances. The cherubim represent divine protection, and the spreading wings symbolize the thought of freedom. Without question, your brain is circuitry running on electrical impulses. He did not rest his investigations on visible facts, but sought out the inner motives. He was in fact the predominant, if not sole, partner in a great trading concern, which was nothing less than the Israelite nation. The statement that he had breadth of heart (1 Kings 4:29) indicates that there was nothing known which did not come within his ken.

At first, apparently, there was no distinct purpose to make him the heir. The absence of any reference to Babylon and Assyria, and the fact that the Euphrates was recognized as the boundary of Solomons kingdom, (.

Nathan, with a marked reference to the meaning of the kings own name (David, the darling, the beloved one ), calls the infant Jedidiah (Jedidyah), that is, the darling of the Lord.

Under these influences the boy grew up. No doubt something of the kind always had existed (Joshua 9:21) and still exists in all despotic governments. So far,all was well. The state of mind that is established in consciousness when the soul is unified with wisdom and love (whole, complete, concord, peaceful). -- Egypt. Meditation! Salmon Symbolism & Meaning | The Salmon spirit animal is driven by the forces of nature so beautifully, so powerfully that images of the Salmon challenging the rivers to find his way home is inspiring. ( 2 Samuel 15:16 ) He would be taught all that priests or Levites or prophets had to teach. Joab, David's nephew, who had brought the house within the bounds of blood revenge, was executed. Bible Dictionaries - Easton's Bible Dictionary - Solomon, Bible Dictionaries - Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary - Solomon, Bible Dictionaries - Smith's Bible Dictionary - Solomon, Encyclopedias - International Standard Bible Encyclopedia - Solomon, California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Egypt. Sol is often mistakenly referred to as the sun because of the Latin sol, but it is not. The opening of Joppa as a port created a new coasting-trade, and the materials from Tyre were conveyed to that city on floats, and thence to Jerusalem.

His son found himself left with the city and a territory as small as an English county. But he took the clay from the foundations in order to build the walls. The biblical King Solomon was known for his wisdom, his wealth, and his writings. V. Internal history .-- The first prominent scene in Solomons reign is one which presents his character in its noblest aspect. It will be noticed also that in all the lists there is mention of more than one priest. Om is the Sanskrit Aum who is the name of God. That Solomon stands for more than a great Hebrew king and a wise man is quite evident to those who have searched deeply in religious and mythological history. It signifies its invisible but all-powerful, spiritual and intellectual effulgency.” In Hebrew, Solomon is שְׁלֹמֹה (Shelomoh) which was derived from Hebrew שָׁלוֹם (shalom) “peace”. In Proverbs 25:1 the men of Hezekiah are said to have copied out the following proverbs. The maintenance of his household involved immense expenditure. All rights reserved. We are all here to help one another.

Enjoy the journey.

He was not permitted to build the house of God ( 1 Chronicles 22:8 ); that honour was reserved to his son Solomon. The survey of the influence exercised by Solomon on surrounding nations would be incomplete if we were to pass over that which was more directly personal the fame of his glory and his wisdom. The "house of Jehovah" is the abiding, spiritualized body of man, the temple of God.

He found himself involved in a fascination which led to the worship of strange gods. Forty thousand stalls of horses for his chariots, and twelve thousand horsemen made up the measure of his magnificence. In recognizing what was true in other forms of faith, he might lose his horror at what was false. Special mention is made of "almug" (1 Kings 10:11) or "algum" (2 Chronicles 9:10) trees (which see). ), For some years before his death David was engaged in the active work of collecting materials ( 1 Chronicles 29:6-9 ; 2 Chr. ( 1 Kings 11:4 ) (b) The commencement of the temple in the fourth, its completion in the eleventh, year of his reign. No sooner had he heard of the death of David and Joab than he returned to his native country and there stirred up disaffections against Solomon (1 Kings 11:14; see HADAD), without, however, restoring independence to Edom (1 Kings 9:26).

In regard to politics, however, the events of Solomon's reign may be regarded as an endorsement of his choice. Conclusion: When you meditate, you are actively providing electrical resistance to your brain, allowing proper flow of electrical energy(spirit). At any rate Solomon seems to have been rather a breeder of and dealer in horse-flesh than a soldier. When David had annexed the territory of the Edomites at the cost of the butchery of the male population (compare 2 Samuel 8:14; Psalms 60, title) one of the young princes of the reigning house effected his escape, and sought and found an asylum in Egypt, where he rose to occupy a high station. All political power was taken out of the hands of the sheiks, although outward respect was still paid to them (1 Kings 8:1), and placed in the hands of officers who were simply creatures of Solomon. ( 1 Kings 11:1-8 ) He gave himself to "strange women." The first half of his reign was, however, by far the brighter and more prosperous; the latter half was clouded by the idolatries into which he fell, mainly from his heathen intermarriages ( 1 Kings 11:1-8 ; 1 Kings 14:21 1 Kings 14:31 ). ________________________

(. An empire is established which extends from the Euphrates to the borders of Egypt, a distance of 450 miles; and this empire, rapidly constructed, enters almost immediately on a period of peace which lasts for half a century. (, It was hardly possible, however, that any financial system could bear the strain of the kings passion for magnificence. There are, however, materials for filling up the gap. Solomon was by nature an unwarlike person, and his whole policy was in the direction of peace. The cost of the temple was, it is true, provided for by Davids savings and the offerings of the people; but even while that was building, yet more when it was finished one structure followed on another with ruinous rapidity. Another commodity imported from that country was linen yarn (1 Kings 10:28 the King James Version). When violent and resistant emotions hold sway in the mind, the turmoil is such as to prevent any permanent construction of the new body on the higher planes of consciousness.


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