That was my original plan for this site: propose my batshit crazy theories ad nauseum and see if, in the end, any of them made sense. Brad, the snarky operator of a movie scoop website, has fun trashing big shot Hollywood director Harrison Kane's work. It is crazy to think that it was the first huge outdoor festival of its kind. Saturday, February 21, 2009. Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide. The Spoiler Alert, Red Redefining the Gray Area All things stock car, the problems, the solutions, and everything in between. Final 3. Showing all 1 items Jump to: Summaries (1) Summaries. A great scene is when Elliot gets a ride with a cop to the festival. They are getting the money! In fact the Kentucky NWS race’s only saving grace is that because there is no cup race, there are less cup drivers in the field giving full time NWS a rare opportunity to shine. Award winning indie film Spoiler Alert (Trail Dance Film Festival "Director's Choice Award") is a black comedy/thriller focusing on the power and temptations of the Internet. Preview of Week 5: Ted Kotcheff's "Rambo:First Blood"(1982) Posted by Big at 11:50 AM No comments: Sunday, February 15, 2009. The screen is cut in two or three segments, which all show different parts of the festival. It looks like we don't have a Synopsis for this title yet.

‘Taking Woodstock’ gets 4.5 “dirty hippie penises” out of a possible 5. One of these unhappy people is Dan, who is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, (who looks a lot like Javier Bardem, like A LOT!!). They are happy for the business that will help to revive the town and put some much-needed money in their pockets.

as read on . He is very mad because he used all of his money to help them, and not to mention, all of his time. The anti-war ones, the acid trippers, the weekend hippies who were there for the music. Victoria’s Secret 2009 Show.

The problem with said plan: any prolonged time spent on a site dedicated to LOST theories will absolutely mind-fuck you.

Not to mention its one of only a few facilities north of the Mason Dixon. There is a ton of pubic hair.

And that is why there is zero justification for staging a Cup Series event at Kentucky. His parents are pretty awful.

If any track is to be replaced it should be tracks like California and Kentucky, and only if it were to be replaced by a short track or superspeedway, both of which are severely un-represented in NASCAR. Spoiler Alert Week 3 : P.T. It should because that is roughly the same configuration as the majority of other cup tracks. All things stock car, the problems, the solutions, and everything in between. Enter, Liev Schrieber, who plays Vetty Von Vilma, a “gay transvestite”, according to IMDB. His brother, Billy, who is played by Emile Hirsch, is back from the Vietnam war and is suffering from PTSD. Reading through LOST theories will give you an aneurysm.

Like, they literally fight them. Spoiler Alert! How the heck did they start out? Plot Keywords It should because that is roughly the same configuration as the majority of other cup tracks. As many of you know The previous owners of Kentucky Speedway sued NASCAR and track conglomerate International Speedway Corp. (both owned by the France family) for violation of antitrust laws... a couple years and many boring Busch races later, the lawsuit is in appeal and now Speedway Motorsports Inc. (owner of Bristol, Lowes, New Hampshire, Infineon, Las Vegas, Texas, and Atlanta) owns Kentucky and is Hell bent on acquiring a Cup series Race for the 1.5 mile oval. It is an interesting movie. banking. Gotta say, there is a lot of penis in this movie. About; Contact; Tag: 2009 Taking Woodstock. The movie portrayed not only the hard work put into putting on Woodstock, but also the relationships that were formed and strengthened while the show went on. They are definitely happy for the business and money that comes in. | If you like penis, then you will like this movie.

Parents Guide. Chinese food, movie geek talk and murder ensue. Can’t really blame the unhappy people, hippies are literally the worst. Kentucky is a 1.5 mile with 14⁰ banking. Lost Smoke Monster Spin-Off. Week 4 : The Coen Bros.' "No Country for Old Men" Posted by Big at 3:55 PM No comments: Monday, February 9, 2009. He is a painter and designer, who lives in New York, and goes back to the Catskills to figure out how to help his parents and the small town. But when Harrison shows up on his doorstep, things go from funny to bloody. Kentucky Speedway is slated to become the next California, the 2 mile abomination in Fontana that has become one of the most highly promoted yet boring races on the schedule.

It is amazing. No it is most certainly not. The Movers and Shakers of NASCAR seem hell bent on exploring new market areas regardless of the on-track product. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The mom is a real firecracker! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I had never heard of it before, and did not know what to think. The sheer amount of people is insane. Some of our favorite high fashion models made the show! She seems more than happy to let him suffer and struggle to make life better for them. Friday, May 8, 2009. Spoiling everything you love! Create a free website or blog at

Is this really what NASCAR needs right now, another boring race during times when fans are finding more and more reasons not to watch a race or buy tickets? That’s right; recently purchased New Hampshire raceway is considered the most likely candidate to donate a cup race date to Kentucky. Also, if you like pubic hair. He has flashbacks throughout the film, and seems to be taking back his life and mind after the atrocities that he saw while fighting in the war. Through all this non-sense I am wondering about the one question everybody seems to have forgotten. Spoiler alert. | And these are the tracks where the racing usually involves single digit lead changes, double digit margins of victory, and an overall snooze fest. It shows the different types of people who attended the show. There were hippies of course, but there was so many different types of hippies. Meanwhile the media has been chasing their tails trying to predict which track will lose a date. These people never seem to be happy to be running these motels. The latest chapter in the airport novel drama that is Kentucky speedway unfolded earlier this week when Speedway Motorsports Inc. (SMI) head and Kentucky Speedway's current owner Bruton Smith admitted he is willing to swap a date from one of SMI's 7 other tracks in order to get a Cup series race for Kentucky Speedway. There is one scene where everyone is naked. Check out the Onion article I especially love the part where Lea Thompson will play the smoke monster's wife (pictured above).

They both fight off some gangsters who want to do security for the motel for a hefty sum.


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