PMO enables traders to place orders for the next trading session from 4.00 PM of the current trading day on the normal Buy/Sell screen without opening a separate form and setting a number of complex parameters as TCO. If Medicaid is paying more than half the cost of an SSI beneficiary’s care, or private health insurance is paying for the care, the SSI payment is usually limited to $30 per month, plus any additional money paid by the state. To use online S-Bond trading function, please refer the following guide: Please noted that you need to sign the Appendix for OTC Securities Trading to trade S-Bond, Select icon to view and check contract information before confirming buy/sell. Place Pre-Market Order easily, Check Order Status quickly. You are no longer responsible for the beneficiary. The beneficiary may qualify for extra help if he or she has limited income and resources. Social Security Representative Payee Accounting Report You or the benficiary has an outstanding arrest warrant for a felony. Next, click on "Cancel order" button. Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI’s), refer to a Legal Entities Settlement Instruction for which key information remains the same from one cash settlement to another (i.e., bank, account number and account name), with only the amount and value date modified. We also need to approve any decision to “pool” the personal funds of several beneficiaries for an item such as a television that will benefit the group. 443 0 obj <> endobj After enter the order information completely, you press Enter or click “Sell” button. The beneficiary will be outside the United States for 30 days or more. As a representative payee, you are responsible for keeping records and reporting on how you spend the benefits by completing a Representative Payee Report. A securities price board with advanced functions: Add/remove the portfolio into the price board, Investors can add their portfolio into the price board by clicking on the "Load from the portfolio" button on the price board, You can remove the securities codes in the portfolio from the price board by mousing on them and clicking on X button to delete these securities codes, Add/remove securities code into the price board. You can remove a securities code from the price board by clicking on “Delete all’ button to remove it from the price board. They opened the joint bank account in 03/08. If conditions of price are not matched, PMO will be canceled automatically. In that case, you may have to return the money the beneficiary was not due and the payments may stop. You may choose to use this worksheet to help you keep track of the money you spend. If you are managing Social Security for someone who is unable to do so for himself, you are required to report any changes affecting benefits to the Social Security Administration. You also can help the beneficiary apply for extra help online at Social Security’s website. You must qualify for SSI benefits separately from Social Security. After enter the order information completely, you press Enter or click “Buy” button. Neither the representative payee nor any other third party can have ownership interest in the account. A child’s SSI benefit amount may change if there are any changes in the family’s income or resources. At the buy/sell screen, customer tick on “Group order” function: "Group order” screen appears, customer can set up the rule for the orders of the group basing on the volume and price of the initial order: After setting up completely, customer reviews again and click on the button “Create order”, confirmation screen appears showing all the orders of the group in detail: Customer click on the button “put order” and then all the orders will be sent to the system in a moment! Here are two ways we 
recommend to title the accounts: Your bank will provide help if you have additional questions.


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