For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Prior to the development of the film, the Australian Union Conference had chosen this issue as a preeminent areas of focus in our strategic planning. Perhaps our next move is to produce a mini-series, allowing characters to be fully developed and acting as inspiration for audiences to seek out the historical detail, which is best presented in print rather than on screen. Interestingly, the question about Tell the World that I am asked more than any other is: “When are you going to tell the second half of the story?”  The film ends with J. N Andrews going out as our first foreign missionary in 1863. So there is some great material that would make for interesting viewing from 1863 on. Her guidance and advice, obtained through Bible studies, as well as dreams and visions revealed by God, guided the steps of this church in becoming a worldwide movement of compassion in the areas of health, education, community development and disaster relief.

Since my retirement as president of the Australian Union Conference late last year, I have been coordinating the Tell the World project.

Seventh-day Adventists are devoted to helping people understand the Bible to find freedom, healing, and hope in Jesus.

The correct equations, but the wrong interpretation.

Set against a backdrop of the social, political and spiritual upheaval in 19th century New England, Tell the World, recounts the true story of a diverse group of people, whose lives intertwine as they wrestle with biblical prophecies.

We produced 40,000 DVDs, and the majority have already been sold even though we have not yet heard from our biggest union, Papua New Guinea, with nearly a quarter of a million members! Filmed in a pioneer village with a cast of nearly a hundred professional actors, the movie tells the story of the beginnings of the Adventist church. It also provides a helpful reminder to Seventh-day Adventists, who have in recent years been overtaken by various political issues, ideological wars, and strife both within and outside of the church.

Tell the World tells the compelling story of the beginning of the Seventh-day Adventist church. That was done by Kyle, and along with Kyle's wisdom, I think the Lord led in this matter.

This startling discovery, along with the enthusiastic aid of his publicist partner, Joshua V. Himes, leads to a growing acceptance of Miller’s teachings amongst Christians throughout the nation. Given that the film was produced in Australia and many here have been anxious to see it, we requested that the General Conference allow the South Pacific Division to have a limited earlier release of the film on DVD.

We are not attempting to make money on the film and are selling the DVDs for $5 to simply cover costs. The General Conference has already dubbed the film into Spanish, Portuguese, and French, and, along with English, these comprise the four major language groups of the world church. The story is set on a plantation in Louisiana in 1936, where the church was the axis around which plantation life revolved.

You can also view additional trailers and clips on YouTube.

There is a growing conviction that tens of thousands of Adventists around the world are going to be asked about their faith by neighbours and work colleagues who have seen Hacksaw Ridge. What has been the reaction to the film so far? Please enter your email address below to create account. It was perfect.

Did you help to choose the cast? All the buildings in the village were original, authentic mid-eighteenth century and every type of building that we needed was there: a working farm, shops, school, churches, houses and even working flour, woollen, and timber mills. Are you retired now?

He always expressed appreciation that we put our trust in him to be the director of Tell the World as this was his first assignment as a director of a historical drama. They read carefully through the screenplay, and because Allan Lindsay resides here in Australia, he spent a huge amount of time working with the director and the writer. As president of the Australian Union Conference, you were able to sponsor its filming and production. The result was sadness, pain and discouragement. It was decided that the five executive producers would make the call on which cut should be the final cut. While the Adventist church has engaged in media ministry for many years, it is not common to see productions of this quality and of this nature officially produced and supported by the church’s upper levels of leadership. So there was a lot of enthusiasm. As you can imagine, there were many, many meetings of the team, thousands of hours of phone calls, innumerable e-mails, and myriads of decisions that had to be made. As it ages, any organization needs to be very careful that it does not forget its reason for being. Notwithstanding the film’s somewhat uneven story pacing, most people are not likely to notice the minor historical miscues. In my estimation, the last point is the most glaring as the film does not explicitly acknowledge the fairly common existence of Sabbath keeping Millerites prior to the Great Disappointment of October 22. The Australian Union Conference agreed to grant the rights, and then I had the job of drafting a Tell the World memorandum of understanding between the GC and the AUC so that we all would remain friends! Here in Australia some churches have plans to hire a cinema for a night and then invite friends to come and watch the film with the churchmembers. This part of the film chiefly follows the lives of Ellen Harmon (White), James White, and Joseph Bates, who together help organize the scattered Millerites, while discovering lost Biblical truths like Christ’s two-phase ministry in the heavenly sanctuary, the seventh-day Sabbath, and the gift of prophecy. Here in Australia members are simply giving it to friends and former members. That warning has hung around in my head for the last few years and helped us to make sure that we did everything as carefully as we could. I don’t think that we have ever witnessed a project with such power and potential.”. Nevertheless, this seems like a bit of an unfortunate missed opportunity that would have only strengthened the film’s historical authenticity. Written by H. G. Sloan and Aaron Harzler and directed by Kyle Portbury, with the aid of Allan Lindsay, George Knight and James Nix as consultants, this is the biggest production ever made about the history of Adventism.

I wanted Tell the World to be a film that would not only nurture and inspire church members young and old but that it would also be a powerful evangelistic tool, and, praise the Lord, I believe the film achieves both those goals.

Enjoyed the review? How was it paid for? The official Tell the World website is The General Conference sees this as a missionary/evangelistic project that will nurture the church and provide it with a fantastic evangelistic resource. Also it has been proposed that every new Adventist believer around the world be given a copy of Tell the World at the time of their baptism — a great idea! Apart from that, the GC has plans over the next three years to subtitle the film into an additional 30 languages.

It was an idea that I had been mulling over for a year or two, but I can’t remember any Damascus-road experience — just a growing conviction that it would be a great thing to tell our story via the medium of cinematic historical drama and to make it available to the world church.

So, I should add that many are thrilled with the wonderfully positive pre-release articles and statements that are being made about, Kyle and I have always been good friends, and we worked well together in the development of, In terms of the editing of the film, after some time, we eventually came up with two cuts. The film will also be available on DVD in the North American Division and the South Pacific Division. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Mariah Carey Is Telling Her Own Story (and Recommending Books).

Its imposing length and density of historical detail suggest that it is best presented not at a single screening, but episodically, with time to discuss and unpack the story further with the assistance of additional textual information.

These were people who loved Christ and were committed to following him. To learn more, visit: Like any good storybook, once you start Tell It to the World, you'll have a hard time putting it down. William Miller

It is a difficult film to label because it looks like a movie—through imagined reconstructions of characters and conversations—but acts like a documentary—because its primary role seems to be to convey information. Steve Toscano is completing a Ph.D. in Adventist Studies at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary.

We worked very closely with Neale Scofield, then CEO, Kalvin Dever who is now the CEO, and, The General Conference made an initial financial contribution to the project. You only get one go at these things. Now that Tell the World has been made and is being distributed, do you have another project you are working on? The film is a collaboration between a number of entities, including the Australian Union Conference, the Hope Channel, and the General Conference.

Tell the World is a website of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church.

When watching Tell The World, it's likely that you will relate to your own experience, and may find that both the disappointment and the success of this movement were the key to their physical, mental and spiritual success.

For this task, we chose three of the church’s eminent church historians: Dr Allan Lindsay, Dr George Knight, and Elder Jim Nix. September 1st 1993 So Tell the World has become a huge international project. It has been quite amazing how the news of the film has gone out around the world and to hear how keen members are to watch it and share it. A few scenes in the film were shot in these mills. It is a perfect way to introduce someone to the Adventist church.


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