Temple of Jupiter - Baalbek Trilithon and the largest hewn stones on the planet It's amazing what has been discovered in the form of ancient artifacts. The location where the limestone was quarried, a quarter of a mile away, lies another mysterious stone. Though studied by archaeologists for over 100 years, the ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon contain a few structures that still defy explanation. The French archaeologist Jean-Pierre Adam suggested in 1977 that the Romans used a set of 14 capstans with 448 laborers combined with pulleys and rollers to move the stones. If we add a buoyancy device  made of  seasoned & dry wood, for example  Cedar of Lebanon with density 581 kg /m3  we can float 1,000 kg block of limestone using just 1.2 m3 of the wood ! Four support blocks were placed under the stone block. Filed Under: Guest Authors, Mystic Places, Strange Artifacts Tagged With: Henk J. Koens, movine heavy stone blocks in ancient times, transport of huge stone blocks, Trilithon at Baalbeck, […] idea for the moving of the stones without and Atlantis-like or ET civilization, and the idea is to use a canal and so using the buoyant force to make the stones weigh less and thus easier to transport and put […], […]  The Trilithon and Transport of the Baalbek Foundation Stones […], […] http://blog.world-mysteries.com/strange-artifacts/the-trilithon-and-transport-of-the-baalbek-foundat… […]. hahaha. lol. Please be aware that the disclaimer appearing on this page does not apply to these linked sites. The ropes were removed and the pontoon was returned to the canal. — Archimedes of Syracuse. Some engineers even argue that modern technology would not be capable of this feat, given the amount of horizontal space for cranes and pulleys at the site.. A wealth of information exists out there about the Baalbek foundation stones, but no one can come to a conclusion about the techniques used for this enigmatic feat of engineering. Explore with us lost civilizations, ancient ruins, sacred writings, unexplained artifacts, science mysteries, "alternative theories", popular authors and experts, subject related books and resources on the Internet. Some others even claim extraterrestrial intervention.

It is possible that the Romans have used a forgotten technology to solve this transport problem.We know that the Romans were very capable designers of watersystems, canals, high and long aquaducts. No evidence of giants. The building site of the temple and the quarry were located at the same altitude. We will probably never know if the former ideas represent the real situation but it is clear that there is no mystery and that there existed technical methods to solve the transport problem.The Romans were good architects and engineers and they will not have had too many difficulties to find the right solutions. Baalbek’s origin is not entirely known. Decay over time disquises this fact making them look like carved stones. The workers started making a galery, large enough to accommodate the first ponton. Worldhistory.us - For those who want to understand the History, not just to read it. So heavy stone block 1m x 1m x1 m instead of  having weight of 1,000 kg appears to weigh only 500 kg when submerged in water.


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