As a worker, you can claim benefits for a work-related injury or accident if you have received medical care, lost time or wages after the day of the incident, or continued to work, but on partial hours only.

As a temporary worker with potentially two employers to deal with, it can be harder still.

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temporary award changes – allowing for temporary workplace flexibility in some awards; pandemic leave – unpaid and paid pandemic leave (including worker and disaster payments) during coronavirus. If you are represented by a union, your bargaining agent may be able to provide you with pay equity information. In these changing economic times, many employers look to hire a temporary workforce to cover busy periods and avoid the expense of hiring full-time employees when they are not needed. Employees have a number of legal employment rights and protections in Ireland.

An employee's minimum entitlements are set out in the National Employment Standards (NES) and awards. Contact us for a FREE consultation. Background Most seasonal jobs are very temporary in nature, it’s common for contracts to be given for a fixed-term of around 12 weeks or less. To help employers make sure that each of their workers and supervisors receive basic health and safety awareness training, the Ministry of Labour provides a set of training programs at no charge in multiple formats and in multiple languages. This is the time to hire an experienced Workers’ compensation lawyer who can help you to not only determine who is liable for your injury but also fight to get you to maximum compensation that you are entitled to. In summary this means that the employer must show the less favourable treatment was for a good business reason and that it was appropriate in the circumstances i.e. Services provided in many languages. Since October 1, 2012, employers have had to post the mandatory “Prevention Starts Here” poster in English and the majority language of the workplace. Toll-free: 1-877-202-0008. -Covering Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and all throughout the State of Florida.

Am I Eligible to File a Workers Compensation Claim? Under Florida Law, licensed staffing agencies have an obligation to provide Workers’ compensation for their hired staff, regardless of where they work. You don’t have to give your name. It’s against the law for an employer to fire you or discriminate against you for: It’s also against the law for a union or employer to intimidate or coerce you to join or not join a union. If you think you may have work-related health problems, you may call Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW) toll-free at 1-877-817-0336. You would be wise to notify both the staffing agency and the client company, and whether one of them or both should provide you with a form to complete before either or both of your employers proceed with the claim process.

This protection applies to all the terms and conditions of their contract not just pay but, other benefits such as holidays, gym membership, private medical insurance and pension rights. Employers are required to provide you with information about pay equity in your workplace.

Many organisations will be taking on temporary, seasonal workers at this time of year and, while many individuals will just be grateful for the opportunity to earn a bit of extra cash, it’s important for employers to ensure that they don’t treat fixed-term employees unlawfully. Note: This document does not constitute legal advice. To speak to a qualified employment solicitor at Springhouse Solicitors, call one of our offices, email us or use our web form…. What If Neither the Staffing Agency or The Employer Will Take Responsibility? These changes may affect the information and resources in this section.

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Employers cannot fire or punish you for asking about pay equity or exercising your right to pay equity. A fixed-term employee becomes permanent after four years It is not unheard of for seasonal staff to be kept on. Temporary employee rules: Duration of temp work appointments The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) defines a temporary work appointment as one that lasts one year or less and has a specific end date. However, when it comes to employment rights, fixed-term employees are far from second class citizens. The PEA covers male and female employees in female job classes of all public sector employers and of private sector employers with 10 or more employees in Ontario. Most staffing agencies will automatically take responsibility for the payroll of their temporary workers, as well as a variety of other day-to-day employment responsibilities and that you would consider to usually be within the remit of an employer.


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