Academic historians certainly bring a level of expertise gained from years of study and well-honed research skills, but non-professionals can also build similar skills when conducting research, such as the home history research that I’ve described in the post. Some of the other characteristics included: In a similar vein to Addison homes, these prefabricated homes were built en masse after the second world war. Toronto has had an important Jewish community since the late 19th century. The Financial District is centred on the intersection of Bay Street and King Street in the heart of downtown. Toronto is the commercial centre of Canada. There are lots of ways to get a rough idea of when a property was built, but getting an exact year can be a little more challenging. Garages, which had previously been detached, became linked or integrated, and car ports became a popular new concept.

What I have been totally bowled over by is the fact that every house, no matter how humble and bedraggled looking has a history, and that when an owner bothers to embark on a research project through me, that often their relationship to their house and its future changes. Copy the date down to review against additional research. It is a cluster of four office buildings. Why was my home built when it was?

House historian, researcher and writer, Robin Burgoyne (MA, History), along with her Caerwent team, provide house and property research in the greater Toronto area. What explains the popular desire to know the history of a home? The archives also houses aerial photographs (1947-1992) and numerous atlases. This survey should include a significant amount of in-depth information about your property, including a house age check. In 2007, Daniel Libeskind's expansion arrived, giving the museum a series of enormous "crystals" that rise dramatically five storeys from the street surface. Many still remain, and they are some of the more notable buildings in the city. Horizontally overlapped panelling, tied to the concrete columns (known as ‘shiplap’); Smaller windows compared to its predecessors; Pitched roof with interlocking tiles (on felt and battens). In 1927, the Queen's was demolished and replaced by the Royal York Hotel. Many libraries devote sections to local history, archiving historical maps, original building plans, and even old photographs. These patterns changed dramatically beginning in the 1970s and gentrification began transforming once poor neighbourhoods, such as Cabbagetown, into some of the city's most popular and expensive real estate. The man down the street remembers when your house was being built in 1952.

Due to the clay sediments of the former lake bed that Toronto is built upon, and but more prominently the shale layer underlying this area of North America, brick has been an especially cheap and available material for almost the city's entire history. Internally, Victorian terraced properties were usually constructed in a simple two up, two down configuration, with narrow hallways and bay windows. As a result, your property may look different to many around it, suggesting that it was built to replace a home destroyed in the blitz. Minutes can reveal changes in municipal service provision or controversial neighbourhood issues. Toronto has numerous theatre and sports venues. You may already have a copy of the Title Register. The archives of Cambridge, Ontario has information about heritage designated properties, municipal directories, and historic maps. Grade I, II and III listed buildings receive various amounts of government protection, meaning you can take steps to make sure it’s preserved for future generations; is a great resource too. Similarly, previous mortgage and insurance documents will have the year; Most libraries have maps and other archives of your local area through the years. A few blocks from where I live once stood the house of a world renowned theoretical physicist, a protégé of Einstein (we have knocked down a lot of our history in Vancouver, sadly). Fire insurance maps (more on this below) for Cambridge can be found at the city’s Gore Mutual Fire Insurance Company archives. Among Canada's oldest and most prominent firms are the Big Five banks and the banks have erected many of Toronto's most prominent buildings. The Don Mills project put into practice many of the ideas of the Garden city movement, based on the ideas developed by Sir Ebenezer Howard, creating a multi-use community focused on distinct neighbourhoods.


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