I’ve been locked up so long in a prison within a prison. It was everywhere.

The film is premiering here at Sundance. Packing?”, MOHAMMED MUBARAK: The boldness, the courageousness about it, the arrogance of it, that put a whole new face on things.

I think he said, “Oh, so we got the great Huey Newton.” So there was a confrontation of two adolescent types—26-year-old policeman, 26-year-old Black Panther. I was 22. 2834 BLACK PANTHER PARTY:OMMITTEE EXHIBIT No.

Well, that wasn’t really a message that a lot of young people cared for. Please do your part today. Arnold' Eugene DOB: 12129149. This was—I mean, you are the person held in solitary confinement longer than anyone in U.S. history, for over 43 years.

Odie "Odienator" Henderson has spent over 33 years working in Information Technology.

He said, “How about integrating some of this bloodshed?” That was one of the issues we had, that it was too much the black people should absorb all the punishment, and we should be forgiving, and we should want to be peaceful in the face of murderous brutality in the middle of the Vietnam War.

And he said, if you are confronted by a racist who believes himself superior, then he has—and you’re armed—he has to consider: Does he want to risk his superior life to take your inferior life?

Algeria is a stop for the Aeroflot, and that was how you could get to Havana by air. He was also the hero who had made it possible for the defense of the office. We’ll be joined by four former Black Panthers who have been released from prison, three of them within the last three years.

So I’m feeling like I can sneak in the back and join them, some kind of way, as crazy as I’m thinking. BOB LEE: There’s police brutality up here. “It was pretty intimidating,” Gaul says. You know, so this arm was dead.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: That’s the trailer for The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution, directed by Stanley Nelson.

Just destroy the party.” And that was the directive of the FBI. Now, 50 years after the founding of the Black Panther Party, many former members are still held in prison based on similar tortured confessions. But today we bring you the first look at this brand new film.

They presented a tough, military-style image that ran counter to the suits and Sunday-best attire of protest marches and sit-ins. And Eldridge and Bobby Hutton ended up in a basement of a house.

They figured they’d accomplished it, it was over, once they expelled Cleaver, because people went underground and then the Panthers began to fight each other. I was a free Negro.

The film is set to play in theaters and air on PBS later this year. BEN SILVER: Do you feel the nation is in trouble? AMY GOODMAN: And so, explain then what happens a few days later in Los Angeles.

You understand? Black power!

And so, Eldridge was very public about not going back to prison. And so, that was the very traumatic period for everyone in the party, not just us, but, you know, people who had supported this organization, who revered Geronimo. Brazil: Trump Ally Bolsonaro Refuses to Acknowledge Biden Win & Downplays, South African Activist Kumi Naidoo: Trump is Attempting a Coup to Install Minority Rule, Trump Loss Decreases Chance of Iran War, But Many Iraqis Fear U.S. Policy Under Biden, Too, “More of an Exorcism Than an Election”: Priya Gopal on What Biden Win Means for Britain & Ireland, Juan González: Mainstream Media Has Missed the Real Story About Latinx Voter Turnout. William Calhoun tells us that “there was absolutely no difference between the way the police treated us in Mississippi as they did in California.” As a result, the Black Panther Party started out as a self-defense organization, acting as a watchdog for police brutality.


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